Saturday, 13 November 2010

Ze kitties part one : Spike

This is baby boy! I love him sooo fracken much but he's an absolute pain in the arse at times...


Name: Spike/spikito/little shit/big daddy (He's a father to like 30 other cats...I shit you not)
Age : almost 3 (human years)
Likes: Pissing on the sofa and in the bathroom as he appears to have a phobia of litter boxes.
This is why I call him a pain in the arse.
Ice cream and buttered toast.
Biting....human hands preferably.
Scratching the sofa...when he's not too busy pissing on it off course.
Ear scratches.
Our bird. Need I say more??
Nookie with his missus....on a disturbing level.

Dislikes : Visitors and random people. He hides under my bed, on the neighbours balcony
or under the stairs....another place he likes to leave me 'gifts'...
Being held like a baby.
Water...the last time I attempted to give him a bath he scratched the heck out of me
was breathing so heavy I thought he as gonna have a heart attack. I felt so
I gave him plenty of cuddles and opted for baby wipes instead.
Having his belly rubbed....hates it with a passion.
His litter box...*sigh*

Hubby brought him home as a gift...he was a cute little thing with ears that were too big for his head and a major flea issue. We took him for his jabs etc the same day then I fed him kitten milk with a syringe and gave him his first bath! (which he adored...he stretched out on his back and didn't scratch once..I have no idea why he chooses to be such a little tramp now!)

Now he's outgrown his ears (they're still a tad pointy lol sooo cute), is a daddy to a bunch of cats and is flippin HUGE. No know how you get really big muscly cats?? He's one of em. And he's super strong...One day i'll record him opening the kitchen window and upload it for you to see. Unbelievable. If we leave it open the tiniest crack, he'll sit there and work at it until he busts that fucker wiiide open! Then he jumps in and pees somewhere :/

Another spike fact...his meow doesn't match him as a cat! It's quite girly actually lol He does this sickeningly cute thing where he'll meow and his voice breaks and then he pants right at the end haha love him!! That's another thing i'll record for you!

Anyhoo, that's my little spikey-pants :] Tomorrow i'll introduce you to mena :] His missus!


Vikki said...

awwwwww how cute hes soooo purdy! im such an obsessed cat lady LOL! I love my kitty hes also black and white and actually likes been held like a baby (or so i keep telling myself)

right now hes asleep in a kitchen cupboard dont ask its his new place to nap haha hes a weird one!


candy apples said...

Awwwww he's so cute!! Honestly, I'm more of a dog person but I really liked your photos and especially your description :) Can't wait to see his lady!


IamFarsilla said...

mashaallah if u didnt mention about his ears i wont realize how big those ears! lol talking about cats they are sooo adorable, i used to have alot of cats but now none! so every time my neighbors' cats around my house,my siblings n i will play with them, n 1 thing about malaysians cat(local) most of them dont have long straight tails!! inshaallh i will show u some pictures of the cats, couldnt find it online. lol


xoxo Elizabeth Toledano de Gomez said...

lol. How cute.

have you checked out my giveaway doll?