Thursday, 16 September 2010

No7 Exceptional definition...Me love

This strikes me as a bit of a backwards question...and it probably needs no answer, I could just google this, but for the sake of conversation, can your eyelashes grow back after they've fallen out due to the use of fake L'oreal mascara??

Me thinks nope. When I was 16, I bought some boog mascara back home. I swear to god it worked miracles, the only side effect was being left a baldylocks in the eyeball area.

However, this mascara has perked me up :] My lashes may not be as full as they were but this maccy waccy makes it aaaaall better. The wand idea is really good but I don't always play by the rules and use the side with all the tiny teeth (??) on it first. Another thing I loved is that the formula isn't so wet when you first start using it like most mascaras. Wet ones really get on my goat. I either leave them till they get thick or chuck em out.

Oh, quick tip (you may think i'm a sad little weirdo but it works fer me so bbrrrr *blows rasberry*)...If you have a runny wet mascara, when you put your makeup on PRETEND you're using it. Open it up as you do, I dunno..wave it about or something, sing to it even then after the time in which you would have used it has elapsed, shove the wand back in the tube and stick in back in your makeup bag. It will get a thicker a lot quicker than you just leaving it there for a good month or more.

Back on topic, if you've been eying this up, buy it. It's good stuff, I reckon i'll get another one when it runs out..and I don't do that often.


Anonymous said...

It makes your lashes look great! Definately defined.. But I think I need to refrain from buying more mascaras till I use all mine up :-( lol I'm trying to be good!

Rakhshanda said...

Your lashes are looking great! Love your eyes and thanx for your lovely comment.

Rakhshanda said...

thanks for following me..I'm following too dear.

CarmenSays said...


Oooo packin the mascara I see lol I'm not gonna lie, I haven't touched my other ones since I got this as they're so naff but i'm thinkin I need to finish off certain products before I get anymore :/'s so boring that way!!


Aww thanks! I should have your tutorial done today inshallah ;] i've just been a bit busy with the usual day to day bits n bobs but i'll try my hardest to make time tonight!

Sophie-Lou-J said...

wow this lookes like an awesome mascara :) i use the extravagant lashes atm and its really good but this looks even better ! :O x :) x
thanks for commenting on my post ive replied to you on my post x
Sophie-lou x

CarmenSays said...

@ sophie-j-lou

Oh it is! Ive used it every single day and i'm super pleased with the results, congratulations on setting up shop babe! I'm still in the colour schemes and organisation stages, i'm really OCD with this shop thing lol

Have youopened an etsy or a folksy yet hun? xx