Friday, 17 September 2010

If you weren't a hijabi..what would your 'style' be?

I thought about this, because whilst hijabi's are covered up we can still get away with most everyday trends...but what if the real you isn't so much a fashionista? You're more fancy dress? lol I'm an eclectic little fook, always have been and if I wasn't a hijabi i'd fit into the rockabilly-on-rainbow-crack category.

I'm in love with forties fashion but with a punky, burlesque modern twist! Aqua blue betty page hair, winged liner and morange lips topped off with a breastplate of swallows and cupcakes...that's me deep down (If that rang a bell,'re thinking of raquel reed! she's my fashion dream...everything about her look drives me wild with unimaginable envy!)

Raquel Reed = *sigh* LOVE

I have no clue how hubby would react to me coming back from the hairdressers with a bright blue bonnet....We've discussed this before when I was adamant I was going to get the top half of my hair dyed baby pink and the rest peroxide blond for my last didn't happen. Not because of hubbies objections though lol I think ended up spending the money on something else. Hubby actually said he'll still wuv me no matter what colour my hair is...although I notice the fear in his eyes when I mention tattoos and and the like haha

Do you ever feel like the real you doesn't match your hijab persona? Not in a mentally distressing kind of way...this ain't oppression i'm talking about. As we all know hijab is about preserving your beauty, dignity and not drawing attention to yourself so off course when I go out MINUS a forties face etc (tbh i wear jammies round the house and my hair scraped back..I just cannot be arsed) No one actually knows what i'm into or who I really am beneath my hijab which is why I'm curious to know who YOU really are beneath YOUR hijab :]

So we've established i'm a closet rockabilly wannabe who dreams of blue hair and sailor tats, what are you?


liloo said...

Such a great question :)
I don't have only one style.
I think that if I didn't wear it, I'll adopt the style thta I used to have before wearing it :)
Sometimes hip hop, sometimes ethnic, sometime rock, sometime classy, but everytime with some crazy shoes.
Ppl know me for my crazy tast concerning shoes.
I don't wear colorful hijab! It's not that I don't like it, but I'm used with black jilbab. I even don't wear lil hijab I have a lot and lot of colorful lil hijab ( like what I'm wearing to do makeup pics), but I bought them only coz I love the color. But, if you asked me to wear one of them to go outside, I just couldn't do it :/ don't know why? Maybe feel to shy?
It's the same for makeup.
I couldn't go outside with makeup, even if I didn't wear hijab looool, can you imagine that darlin'?

The Mujahada in Prada said...

Salaam Sis....
It totally depends on the day of the week...the mood I'm recent fashion crush...the weather....ummm...the list goes on and on.
Back before I wore hijab I once had my hair peroxide blonde with the bottom two inches baby blue. *sigh* that was absolutely my favorite hairdo I've ever had.
Some days I feel totally preppy and want to wear a turtleneck with my glasses and some "sexy librarian" pumps...other days I like to go urban chic with a long skirt, some New Balance tennies, and a messenger back thrown over my shoulder...and still others I love (and this is probably what I like the most) to wear my most bell-bottomy jeans, a long tunic top, and some platforms.
Yes...I am as close to a hippy hijabi as you can possibly get. Such an eclectic combination I know, but everything hippy-ish is oh sooo groovy to me (minus the unmarried sex and crazy drug use) I adore the mile high shoes, the psychedelic patterns and the floor skimming jeans.
*giggle* just can't help imagining the stares we'd get if we ever ventured out in our non-hijabi personas!! LOL
Great post btw...

CarmenSays said...

@ Liloo

haha i'm the same as you habiba! I really don't like wearing bright coloured hijabs because I feel uncomfortable when i'm when i wear them out :/ My fave colours when it comes to hijab clothes are grey and black...oh so adventurous lol This year I really came out of my shell and wore a baby blue scarf *gasp* haha

The same goes for makeup, I don't wear a scrap but when i'm at home I go crazy ;]

I think a lot of people assume that when they see a sister wearing plain hijab she must be boring or know nothing about fashion. It reminds me of that scene in Sex and the city 2 when the women wearing niqab took off their jilbabs and they were all wearing the latest louis vuitton!

Thanks so much for answering, I'm glad you liked the question, it's something i've always been curious about!

xXx oOo

@ Mujahada in prada

LOL your reply had me rolling! I can just imagine you doing the housework in your stonking platforms and john lennon spectacles with janis joplin blaring in the background! Just out of you ever do that?? Loving the sound of that hairstyle ;] The craziest I've had was the top half black and the bottom half underneath it dyed red..that was me going through my punky phase lol

Omg could you imagine that?! Going out without our hijabs for the world to see who we really are beneath the scarf?! It would be such a shocker for those who thought we were utter squares lol

Thanks so much for commenting! xXx oOo

Rohima said...

Hmmm... Interesting question! I think about this from time to time lol.. I'm not quite sure though..

Asian dress wise I think I'd probably experiment with low-ish backs, short-er sleeves etc. I wouldnt have to worry about the hijab not being big enough to cover my whole neck and even when it is big enough I wouldnt have to worry that I look like im being drowned by a big, shiny piece of cloth. I'd have my hair out (straight) or up (curled first) and generally I think my style would be feminine and sparkly, as it is now!

Western clothes wise I think like to be the girl with her hair up in a cute messy-ish bun, cropped trousers one day, floaty dresses the next. Sky scraper heels I could wear with tights or jeans. I like Cheryl Cole's style (surprise surprise), fictional Blair Waldorf (from Gossip Girl) and Amanda from Ugly Betty. I cant think of anyone else right now. Maybe its not as adventurous as blue hair but when getting dressed I'd definately have more options! lol xxx