Sunday, 19 September 2010

My hubby makes me giggle

This is the ringtone hubby has assigned to me on his phone :/ LOL
Btw, that annoying rumbling sound is the fan in my laptop...I dropped it and it's been making tat noise ever since. Hopefully I'll be getting it fixed soon

Another cheeky bit from el husbando is this. We were having a jokey squabble about how he would be better at explaining to my little sister how to install flash player as i'm apparently rather dense. I told him i'd send a text or something telling her to sabotage his attempt. As I was waling out of the door...

Husbando - Ahhh...I got a nice one for you. Everytime you walk out of a room i'm gonna sing "ROLL OUT! ROOOLL OUT!" (ludacris song in reference to my ever expanding waistline...

a few seconds later..

husbando - You such a ball!
Me- Yeah? And you're a (insert either buttmunch, bugger, bum I can't for the life of me remember :/)

THE CHEEEEEK OF IT!! LOL we're always insulting eachother, it makes us laugh and it's all light hearted so incase you were thinking he's being serious, he ain't ;]


Anonymous said...

Lol Roll out.. aww :)

Arabian eyes said...

hahaha thats jokes! aaw he seems like a keeper *warning warning!*

esteeem said...

lool me n hubby cuss eachother on a daily basis too!
its all love really 8-) lol

CarmenSays said...

@ rohima

roll..story of my life lol xx

@ nadz

aahh he is! knew that would make u laugh lol xx

@ esteem

haha it's so healthy for a relationship to just cuss eachother down at least twice a day...i think so anyways lol xx