Monday, 20 September 2010

I'm hungry...

...PBJ sammich methinks.


leah☮ said...

hey carmen.
love your blogs!
could you please do like a tutorial on simple make-up for like schools or something?
thankyou :)
leah xoxo

Curves ahead makeup said...

yummm best thing when your hungry

scouselovesmakeup said...

Miss you boo xxx

MsDaijahStylez said...

Hey.. thanks!! How do I get the follow business? =[ xx

CarmenSays said...

@ Leah

thank you! Sure babe :] i'll post it in the next couple of days xx

@ Curves ahead

tell me about it haha om nom nom xx

@ my spoooon!

I miss you toooo! where u been behbeh?! i've been online lookin out for you but you don't come on anymores *sniffle* i hope you're okay my sweets :] huge huggles xxx

@ msdaijahstylez

hey you :] If you go on your design settings, you can add a gadgets. Just scroll down to followers and it drag it to where you want it then save your new settings ;] if you still get a bit discombobulated, get back to me and i'll screenshot it for you babe xx

leah☮ said...

haha thanks :)
and maybe follow my blogs xD
how are you?
love your blog <33