Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Secret sales is a members only online discount store with LOADS of amazing sales. They have new ones popping up all the time, tight now Stila lipsticks are £4, eyeshadows are £3.50 and the Marrakesh quad is £5! They also have True Religion menswear on sale from £300 to £100 and so on so I' grab a bargain while you can. The sales last for roughly 3-4 days until they bring some new ones.

They have great upcoming sales too, Chloe and swimwear, Fornarina and Aftershock.

If you want an invite from me, follow this link

and put in my email address where it asks if you've been invited by a friend :] It might already be there but if not, that's it ^

happy shopping!

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Anonymous said...

oo sounds exciting! by the way i loved the heals from your haul!!!