Tuesday, 24 August 2010

HAUL! Pic heavy :]

I have a bit of time on my hands now so here's my little haulage! It's not thaaat much when you think of it, I'm just a bit OCD with pics, always have to have with packaging/without, swatches, side profile etc blah blah bleh

Anyway, I'll start off with these babies :]

I found them in New Look. They won't get as much wear as they deserve but I would have been stupid to pass them up, the price was unbelievable......£5. I KNOW! SHOCKING! Who cares if they're lilac and can't be worn with everything...they cost a flipping fiver! They're probably the most dangerous shoes I've ever owned but I still love them.

Next is Marks and Spencer's.

I'm never one to walk past a bargain bin without having a nosy. Sometimes you find good shtuff in em, the coconut milk soaps fall into my 'good shtfuff' category. I went all childish and squealy when I saw the lollipop and the hello kitty tin, it came with 5 chocolate caramel hearts inside...gone, they now reside in my belly :]

I really like Boot's 17 lasting fix lipsticks.

Can you see how it looks a bit pink? Or is it just my imagination?!

They don't dry out my lips and the colour really does stay! I have one in Hawaii pink which I hated at first, colour and texture wise. Mainly because I have a drop lip and if a lippie isn't slick or pigmented enough, it won't adhere to the inner top part of my bottom lip. I reeeeally wanted the Hot chilli, i've been on a bit of a red lipstick kick recently and i'm trying to find my perfect orange/red lipstick so I thought i'd give this a go. Quite disappointed. The colour looked great at first, but my lips are naturally quite dark and pinkish, so after a while the colour faded from a bright orange/red to a orange/pink. I think I need to start using foundation beforehand.

Next up is Superdrugs.

They have an offer on the johnson's beauty products, two for £4! I was on my way out the door after buying a couple of things but noticed these and jumped back into the queue. They smell lovely and the cream has a nice consistency. I won't using them just yet though, I wanna finish my neutrogena stuff first.

I have sensitive skin and have been wanting to give this a bash for a while, 99p!

Again, two for a fiver! The facial scrub is a bit meh...not gritty enough but then again it's a 2-times-a-day scrub so what did I expect. The moisturiser however, is amazing! I use a a big pea sized amount which is enough for my whole face and neck, and it really does moisturise! My face felt nice and soft, not greasy at all. Definitely buying more of this.

Finally I got my hands on some of the MUA items! I'm not all that disappointed to be honest.
The shimmery lipsticks have a horrible gritty texture but the pigmentation is great. They're quite soft too, unlike the boots 17 lasting fix. The only thing I really disliked was the perfumey stench that was still hanging around my lips after i'd wiped it off :/

L-R: Shade 13, shade 8, shade 7

Shade 3, shade 2

The eyeshadows are great. Loved the pigmentation although I've yet to use them properly.
I'll update when I've done a look with them.

Yay! got the sleek circus palette! PIGMENT IS AMAZING :O The white and purple on the bottom were a bit meh but the rest rocked my socks...and this was without the help of a primer.
The black smelled a bit iffy though. No swatches because they've been posted a million times already, can't wait to use this!

Primark! I liked they're lashes the last time so I got another pair. I wanted to try the mousse foundation so I picked up light, after swatching it on my hand I wished I'd got medium. Looks a little ashy, but I'll update when i've used it properly on my face. I did love the fact that it didn't make my skin look pink though...I HATE THAT...i'm never buying you again rimmel matte finish! YOU WEREN'T MATTE AND YOU MADE ME LOOK LIKE THE INSIDES OF A SALMON!! I got the bronzer mainly because it looked great lol the pink bits are just for show and rub off when you touch them but I love the leopard print design. The gold bits are super pigmented though...they should have made eyeshadows out of that stuff. Again, i'll update to let you know if it's any good :]


Tabitha Bluebell said...

Forgive me for I am dense, but where did you pick up the Sleek palette?

T x

Make up by Yass said...

great haul!!!

Curves ahead makeup said...

omg can i have those shoes love them and that rice omg lucky girl great haul !!!

Daniela said...

Those shoes are sooooo gorgeous!! love them :)


liloo said...

Such a great haul :)
I love those shoes, damned they are so chic and glamourous :)

roshas said...

great haul! i love the shoes :) xx

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Great haul. I really like the look of all of the MUD products and I am hoping to get the Sleek palette in a swap I am doing with someone in the UK.
I love picture heavy posts so keep them up.

MEVISH said...

love the shoes so cute bet they look hot on you x

Shahirah Elaiza said...

Those shoes are so adorable!! One of the nicest shoes I've seen lately.

CarmenSays said...

@Tabitha bluebell

They sell sleek products in superdrugs, or you could buy from their site sleekmakeup.com

@ everyone!

Thanks! I loved the shoes when I first saw them, I feel so glamorous wearing them lol xx

Yuri said...

That animal print bronzer looks amazing!

SquishyAbs said...