Thursday, 29 July 2010

What's inside my bag...?

Nothing interesting to be honest :/ But I had some spare time an a great whopper of a table beside me so I spread all my crap out onto it and got snap happy :] Behold what lies within the murky depths of my bag....

- Shopping list - WOW this is old. It's been in there at least a month :S

- Co-codamol instruction sheet - Need them for my tooth pain although I hate taking man made medicine.

-Airwaves - strong as heck.

-Asthma pumps (hubby always makes sure I have these EVERY time I leave :] *love*) I'ts not too bad now, but you never know when you need em.

-Co-o membership form. Theyr'e staff are like effing vultures. I don't want a card but every time I shop there, they will without fail pawn one of these things off onto me. I can't count how many I've thrown out in the last 3 months.

-Eeyore- he came from a keyring hat my dad gave me when I was a teen. The keyring broke but he stayed around :] Can't remember how he got into my bag though...

-3.5mm aldi clicks (circular knitting needles) Used these to make a couple of phone socks.

-Patons merino deluxe DK yarn - Made my little phone sockies out of this. I liked the colour at first but now I'm not too sure.

-Dentist appointment card

-Hello kitty wardrobe thingy cards - I initially bought these for my sister but I wanted to open one to see if there were stickers inside. There weren't any. I was disappointed. So I opened the other one to see if it had the same shit inside. It did. I was disappointed some more.

- Various receipts - Sometimes when there's too many people behind me in the queue, I just shove em into my bag and go. But I prefer to put them in my purse...I'm a receipt hoarder lol

-Vaseline - who doesn't have one of these??

-Primark strawberry lip balm - It cost like 50p, pretty good too. Has a little tint and isn't sticky.

- Werthers original wrappers - these have been in here for about a month lol

- Oyster - I bought this one today because I couldn't find mine. I looked properly too...or so I thought. After spending £6.90 on a new oyster and a one day pass, I found the fucker on the way back home after I'd tried to use it and got the machine beeped. Son of a gun.

- Disinfecting hand gel - Got this today, and it did what I expected it to do :] It leaked in my bag...

- Yves rocher perfume in Mimosa - I love this scent, it's summery and smells like baby powder at the same time. My cousin bought me this :] it's got 1 or 2 drops left, lasted like a year.

- empty lancome miracle, teeny weeny bottle - The entire contents of this spilled in my bag also. So annoying.

- Pen

- Lighter - never know when you need one of these

- Miffy notebook - cute! got it from portugal last year.

- Purse - thanks primani :] Full of lovely coppers!

finito! There are the boring contents of my bag, only things misisng are my keys because I forgot them and my phone which I needed for the pics.


Petra said...

LOL, everyone seems to be doing these ''what's in my bag'' posts, your contents are very unique to the rest, so well done for staying original! you so know the aldi clicks are a white weapon, which you keep in your bag to tear out the eye-balls of the sucker that messes with you :P

Jum'3a mubarak!

Miss*Kimmy said...

Love these posts!! hehe love your HK cards.