Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Music crush : Girl in a coma

Uno word. Ahmazing. They're a band, 3 ladies, mexicanas and now easily one of my favourite bands of all time. They're super hardworking, touring non stop (I had to pick my jaw off the floor when I saw their calendar on their Official site).

If I had to describe they're sound...hmm, that's hard. You'd assume from their name that they're some kind of dark heavy metal screamers, but their the opposite. If Muse, a pinch of paramore, amy winehouse, Hole, ritchie valens and nirvana all came together and procreated, GIAC would be their baby. The lead singer Nina's voice is one I could listen to aaaaall day. She doesn't so much sound like anyone, her voice is definitely her own, but sometimes she reminds me of gabriella cilmi and lady gaga. Don't think that because I said that they're some weak pop product. They just fuckin rock, I can't say anything that can describe how much I seriously LOVE this band!

with cherie curry!

If you youtube them it's mostly their live shows So go to they're Myspace to listen to their recent album, trio BC. They're first one is called both before i'm gone. I think you can get both on itunes. Just to get an idea of how diverse their music is, listen to and compare the following songs

Vino - sounds like....Sunday music
Empty promise- sounds like...just amazing. My fave on the album.the intro on this kills me everytime
Ven cerca - sounds like...if Muse were a latina trio, this would be theirs lol
Slaughter lane - sounds like...fifties-esque with some venom, nina's voice on this kills it
el monte -sounds like... very mellow and romantic
trail -sounds like....something ritchie valens would be proud of.

Any other GIAC fans on here?


scouselovesmakeup said...

I haven't heard of them but I will be sure to check them out! They sound cool lovely! xoxo

Fashion Rehab said...

this is first time I have heard of them, won't mind listening to them.