Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Honey and Vanilla facial scrub : Recipe

I was looking through DIY facial scrubs online and thought of a few recipes of my own, this is one of them :]

I knew that honey is good for your skin, let alone your insides so I definitely wanted to include some of that, I also really love the scent of vanilla but I don't have any vanilla essential oil. So instead I used an actual vanilla pod and vanilla infused sugar.

Here's the recipe if you'd like to make it yourself :]

5 tablespoons of Almond oil
5 tablespoons of honey
The seeds from a vanilla pod
Vanilla infused sugar (if you don't have any, use plain sugar)

All you do is combine the oil, honey and vanilla seeds in a bowl and add sugar until you get a consistency that you like, some like it quite runny, others like it grainier. I like mine more on the runny side because it's more oily that way which works for my super dry skin.

I used the jar I had leftover from the fajita paste lol don't worry, I washed it out PROPERLY ;]
This scrub will keep for about a month but make sure you store it in a cool place and don't get any water into it otherwise it will become bacteria infested...bleh...not nice.

I prefer making homemade scrubs, they're so easy to make and won't cost a bomb like most high quality scrubs. An these have no chemicals...yay for no chemicals!


Ashi said...

my sister will love this...she's been walking around with honey on her face in the morning and at night everyday lol, thanks for the recipe!

CarmenSays said...

you're welcome! Glad you liked it :]

scouselovesmakeup said...

Oooh this is fab..going to make some of this! :) Thanks chica xx