Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Been knitting, yay!

Finally picked up my needles after about a month of abstinence and found a cute dishcloth pattern on ravelry by Rachel Van Schie. It's called 'Baked with Love' and is super cute!

I used a small skein of a nice dusty rose coloured cotton, and it took about 3 hours to make. The camera doesn't do the colour justice though. I got through a couple of episodes of Frasier, Everybody loves raymond, thirty rock and king of queens lol

Now I just need to block it to make the pattern pop a little more and hang it by the sink :D

I'll be back with a vanilla and honey facial scrub recipe and to post my new award that I recieved from the wonderful Hopeful at staircase to jannah, i'll be passing it on to 12 of my followers, woooo!

I finally got photoshop on here too so I think i'll make an award of my own to give out!


44nicole44 said...

Wow, its lovely! x

CarmenSays said...

thank you :]

lizzie_fitz said...

sooooo godamned cute!!!!! lovely details :) i wanna learn to do something other than garter stitch

Ashi said...

lovely stuff <3