Friday, 9 July 2010

Bleh ugh and meh

If you have lines under your eyes, do NOT buy Laura Mercier secret camouflage concealer. My auntie gave gifted me with this. The coverage is amazing, the texture stinks. This stuff manages to shuffle it's way into the lines and creases under my's like it does it on purpose to piss me off or something!

It's a shame because this is possibly the best coverage i've had with a concealer, but if I don't moisturise my under-eyes before using this, it makes me look like i've just rolled out of bed with my crusty eyed self AND gives me cakey lines on top of that.

The pic below shows how good the coverage is, but I forgot to take one of it caked into my lines.

Oi...Laura! I wan't a bleedin refund!!


Anonymous said...

Really? oh no. I have the exact same one and I think it's ok - but I always moisturise my face beforehand so my skin is not dry. I do agree that the texture is weird, it feels so dry!

Arabian eyes said...

mashaaaaaaaaaaaaallah *knocks on wood a.k.a my head) you have beautiful eyes!