Wednesday, 9 June 2010

O..M..G....I went to the GYM!

Today I went to the GYM! I haven't been to a gym since I was about 15 when a friend of a friend got us free because she worked there.

Anyhoo, I did water aerobics :D I went with mumzie and enjoyed the hell out of it! Funny story, When we first got into the pool, I noticed everyone had weights but because I went in the wrong way round I failed see the huge crate full of em. I thought 'phwoar...this is proper! weights n everything!'...I reached in to grab a couple and noticed they were made from styrofoam :/ I thought 'hmmm..okaaay, I take it we're using the baby weights today'....big no-no.

10 minutes into that flippin session I swear I thought my arms would drop off. Clearly having no experience of water aerobics and the common sense that anything heavy would sink (I was blinded by the excitement, I'm not normally this backwards) I thought these weights would be useless! I was oh so very very wrong. But it felt really good to be moving around like that and knowing I was at least a step closer to being healthier and slimmer.

I've kept a size 10 pair of skinny jeans that I had from when I first moved in with my hubby as a souvenir/reminder that i WILL fit into them again one day!! But fer now, I'll have to stick with the 18's that in all fairness are a little loose around the waist but more comfortable to sit around in. 16's would fit and look just right but when you grow belly rolls, it's uncomfortable as HECK...I can't be constantly unbuttoning my damn jeans everytime I sit down, what if i'm in public!

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