Saturday, 5 June 2010

I miss my knitting :[

I haven't knit for almost a week. I have my friend's twilight mittens in the works and I also bought a ball of rowan pure wool DK from john lewis the other day and am still pondering what to do with it :/ Not enough for anything big so maybe a couple of baby hats or something.

Today is hot as flippin hell! I went out with mumzie to the hairdressers. She got a cute bob and dye and I finally booked my perm lol yes, you read correctly. I'm getting it permed nice and tight. I have naturally curly hair but the blow drying and straightening have damaged it so much that my curls have become mere poofy waves, a shadow of their former selves :[ Can't WAIT for it to be big and bouncy again!

What are you guys up to? anything fun?


Anonymous said...

salaam sis sheizer112 :),haha i know what you mean i tried wearing white the other day was still sweating and sighing just as much ha :),ive worn it like 10 times i swear i luv it best maxi dress i ever brought so comfortable and great price it is really cool and airy and its elastic so it stretches too :) they also have some nice good price maxi dresses on,by the way i luv your blog sis your knitting is just amazing :) x

Anonymous said...

i really want to perm my hair too i brought some stuff yesterday to perm just havent got round to doing it yet :)

Arabian eyes said...

can i just ask how on earth did u get into knitting?? the things u make r just too kool! where bouts u livin if u dnt mind me askin

CarmenSays said...

@arabian eyes

haha! it sounds proper grannified but I love it! I'm a housewife so I need something to do in my spare time and knitting hits the spot lol

what's your msn/yahoo? we need to have a good chinwag on there sometime man!

Arabian eyes said...

lol errm i'll send it u in ur email if i can find ur email somewhere on here im hardly ever on there so lettme know when ur on!

CarmenSays said...

I emailed u :] btw, i deleted the comment with your email (perves etc blah blah)