Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Knackered, stupendously long day, blabber post.

I slept for one hour and one hour only last night. Had to return a couple of things to JD sports at the crack of morning proceeded to snoop around some shops, bought some yarn and a mixed bag of crafty bits from john lewis and a few bits from primark (show and tell tomorrow) spent the rest of the day with mumzie at her work, went to an appointment, got back home finally at 6pm, rested (more like frantically tried on my new clothesies) had a wash, got into my swimming gear and went to water aerobics, got back, cooked kufta kebabs with potato salad and rice, had a fag, sipped some water, moaned and whinged about how tired I am, and wrote this pointless post.

Will be reviewing Primark false lashes tomorrow ( flabber was gasted when I saw 'em there near the pyjama section) finally got the barry M white kohl eyeliner, will be hot waxing my mush and perhaps re-shaping my brows (possible tutorial) and FINALLY playing with my makeup (maybe a summer EOTD)

till then my luvvies, toodle-dooo. . . . . .*ZzzzzZzzzZzzz*

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