Saturday, 26 June 2010

EWWW...this is what expired makeup does to you :/

There was supposed to be an EOTD today but someone bought gone off eyeshadow and is probably lookin at getting some kind of conjunctivitis or something.

Never again. I can't believe I was so stupid!

The story is I went to a little bits and bobs shop a few weeks ago and saw some nice looking Rochas eyeshadows. I got excited, thought the packaging looked legit, I even gave it a whiff and it smelled fine so I thought for £2.50 why not give it a whirl. WRONG. I used it literally about 20 minutes ago and halfway through application It looked and felt like I'd rubbed stinging nettles over my eyes!

I even has pics.

After I wiped it off

I don't know whether to bother going back to the twatface that was selling them because
A. He probably didn't know they were toxic and
B. Maybe they had gone off before he put them in his shop...

But then again if my eyes continue to swell up and should I astaghfirullah go blind at any point during the remainder of today, I can pretty much swear to almighty God that I'll go back and rip out his friggin eyeballs with my bare hands, possibly stick em in a blender and force feed them to him.

I got a little revenge...


Petra said...

Hiya Carmen! Petra again, I just love ur blog <3 I'm the half Algerian btw, who commented on your pic of Algeria, I can't believe it, that's my daddy's home, and YES kitani, I have so many good memories there at the mini funfair there!!!! Just to answer your question about speaking Arabic, I speak the khaleeji/lebanese dialect but I understood what you said, I speak french so I get the gyst of Algerian. However I can't properly respond (when I do, I get CUSEED in Algeria) so pffft haha why bother??!

Anyways tell me more about you! Carmen is an English name?? you also have green eyes, so are u berber? My dad is originally from oued souf (Sahara) but was born and raised in the capital, (bab el oued) :)

ANYWAYS... haha sorry, just excited to meet you, an Algerian who actually speaks proper English, I know NONE :/

and omg about ur eyes, you poor girl :O its your eyes too, that could have been dangerous, like you said perhaps they guy didn't know they were legit but did the packaging look okay? I mean the pics look real but look for the made in France I suppose.. what an idiot, I would go back and most defo get my money back, its your eyes habibti, don't take any risks!

I would recommend that you only shop for products as such in well-known departments or shops, you said in your previous post you had some dosh to slosh, I think you deserve a trip down Oxford St. :)

As for the Dior concealer, its what I use and I swear by it, the coverage is just utter perfection.

good luck amiga ;)

Arabian eyes said...

oh my WOW the bastards i say get down there with ur pitchfork n beat him up! that does look pretty bad though. salamtek!

CarmenSays said...


hey you! yeh, i have loads of memories of kittani too, i remember when i was a kid before the funfair, when they were building the platform area, my grandad would take me and my cousins there after lunch and we'd all play power rangers lol

aww! do they take the piss out of your accent back home? lol buggers, so you speak lebanese/khaledji?! wow, what's the other half of your background?

Carmen is a spanish name, and nope, i'm not a kabayliyah! lol I got my eyes from my mum who's hispanic :P

come to think of it, your name doesn't sound too arabic either lol the only person I can think of with that name is petra nemcova and she's some kinda european, gorgeous name though :]

HAHA! I know what you mean, when i was younger i knew NOOO algerian kids AT ALL. The only algerians I ever saw in england worked in butchers and were probably harraga lol but now there's algerian teens n stuff popping up everywhere proper proud to be tziriyine!

Alhamdullah my eyeballs are back to normal now! lol I reckon I should to what my little arabian eyes hunnie recommended and chase him down with a pitch fork lool

I've only ever bought market makeup twice in my life but i'm a twazzock for thinking that because it was safe the first time, it would be safe every time :S

oooo my sloshin monies ;] i've been having a look at sooo many things I want..I've never bought anything limited edition from mac and i'm tempted to get a lippie and some eyeshadow but then that would almost be the end of my money! lol so i've decided it's between sleek and ELF...with the former in the lead. they have plenty of stuff i'm dying to try but then i change m mind and think...I KNOW i won't be disappointed by MAC, can I say the same for ELF? I've never used anything from them before...gaah. I loathe being indecisive.

do you use dior skin sculpt?

thanks for coming back and commenting! xXx oOo

CarmenSays said...

@arabian eyes

ello lav! I have to say, i'm liking your style...pitchfork sounds right up my alley lol

I finally saw your 7 sins post...AHMAZING :O !!!

and are you still gonna be blogging when you move country? I should bloody well hope so...xXx

Petra said...

WOW THAT is just Wicked mashAllah, you total Hybrid, we rock eh?!?!

Listen hermana I've got to dash real quick but I don't know if you'd like to meet more women who know something about Algeria, you'll find women from all over the world here married to Algerians (Algerians marry anyone and everyone, I rate them mashAllah, not like the gulf Arabs, stick to their own type. -_-), I'm not on it but I know most of the women on there personally. And mash'Allah they ARE lovely. btw u can have any sort of connection to Algeria, not just be married to one. give it a go perhaps :) (btw did u marry a jazairi yourself?)

Good Day amiga, see u laterz x

at least 3+ Spanish women married to Algerians on there ;)


Haha cool shot with the cigarette butt on that crappy expired shadow! Like your blog and you have the most gorgeous eyes even with conjunctivitis thingie:-)

Taj Acosta said...

Wow I love this post! Great shoes too doll! hugs

Diana said...

Haha this post is awesome, Ive had products dry my skin out too. Pretty crappy stuff. I dont get why retails dont check expiry dates on make up!

magdalena said...

lol for the revenge!!same thing happened to me but not so expanded still haven't figured out from what but i will never ever wear eye cream again!!i believe that was the cause!!as for my revenge, my feet got really expensive moisturizer!!

Bury Me In Velvet said...

Holy sh!t, that is some serious reaction. I will be making sure to do an allergy test before I test any new products and I will be thoroughly checking the box to see if items are fake or out of date.