Saturday, 26 June 2010

Calling all E.L.F lovers

So my sweet sweet hubby has given a little dosh to go crazy with, and I've decided to spend it on E.L.F makeup as I haven't yet bought any of their products, I need some new slap and I'm desperate to see what all the fuss is about in regards to their HD powder.

I've been lurking on their site for the hours (no..not non stop) adding stuff to my basket, spotting somthing else, taking stuff ut my basket etc etc until I finally decided on what I wanted...then the basket emptied itself when I refreshed the page :/ super pissed off as I can't remember everything I chose.

I'm definitely buying the HD powder, there's a few brushes I have my beady eyeballs on and i'm head over heels with the coral mineral lipstick.

I like the sound of the complexion perfection but i'm not too sure on the eyebrow kit...i've never used gel before and i'll be hacked off if I buy it and it's shit.

another thing, the studio stuff looks amazing but i'm curious to know how the quality of the original £1.50 stuff it good or naff?

I'd been forever grateful if you lovely ladies could point out some other products that you may have used and swear by :]

thank you!


iStylista said...

Well in USA, the products are 1.00 and there are good!!
Of course, ur getting ur moneys worth.
I love the 4 quads, studio shift brushes, and their shine eraser

CarmenSays said...

I was debating whether to get the shine eraser lol thanks for that xx

Kεℓℓί.Kεℓ§σ said...

Great choice on the HD powder, I love it. You might not notice a huge difference when you put it on, but after it sets for 5 mins or so it does its magic. I also love the studio flat powder brush and th eyeshadow c brush. You might not like them but I got two of the lip stains and I love them, They're very drying but your lips will still feel soft. I like them because my BF always complains about lipstick transfering, I have birthday suit (like a bubblegum pink) and Mysterious (brownish nude). I really wish I would have got some of their studio blushes and the runway pink lipstick. Heres a code I used to get 50% off studio products and free shipping.

Code- ECD2
Hopefully this still works.

CarmenSays said...


hey! Thanks so much for all the advice :] sucks thought because on the UK site, most of the brushes I want are 'coming soon' :/

I think I may either get the coral mineral blush or the studio blush, I've been wanting a nice coral for a while now and I also spotted a couple of lipstains I like, birthday suit was one! lol the other was bombshell.

Thanks so much for the code! it didn;t work but it was SUPER sweet of you *hugs*


mrs. halimah. said...

elf is the bomb!
i can definitely co-sign the eyebrow kit ($3). my favorite product from them.