Monday, 31 May 2010

Am I the only one?!!

I'm addicted to laundry products. There..I said it! I can't walk past fabric softener without buckling at the knees. I've tried pretty much every one available and was pleasantly surprised by the Easy. I never liked their other products, especially the washing up liquid. One bottle would probably last me 4 days, naff bubble power (always stick to fairy). But the fabric softener is a cracker! Smells soooo good and lasts long too (the smell).

I can't believe I'm writing a post on fabric softener lol but hey, 'tis my blog and if you follow, expect random posts such as this one.

Btw, that picture is nothing to go by. I once had that cupboard filled with 6 2in1 bottles, 3 boxes of liquitabs and 4 fabric softeners. I honestly shit you not. Lasted a while but then again we go through a lot of laundry at our house...can u tell? lol


edk.dolce said...

thats not weird. how weird is it that l love the way my fiance's deodorant smells on him. i have a crazy strong sense of scent and love smelling candles and laundry detergent and yankee candle is my favorite store.

Arabian eyes said...

your posts really make me laugh hahaha