Friday, 1 January 2010

Knitting progress...Oooo and chunky mittens :] oooh i liike

So this is kinda as far as I am with my scarf. I know i've been bombardin you lot with my fibres n hooks but it's all i've been pretty much doing recently and I like to share :] I'm actually further than this now, the colour has switched back to dark mode and i'm actually reallt impressed with the yarn! It was worth the moolah.

I am also an absolute SUCKER for chunky knits, these are actually crocheted not knitted but you catch my drift. I made them before I went away for a few days in november but ended up forgetting them at home :/ I'm gonna add some sequin studded bows to jazz em up a much as I love the plain boho knit look, i also like a bit of

I wanna do a blog giveaway, it won't be yarn or hooks because I don't think anyone that reads knits or crochets, so i might make a few things and give them away in some kind of competition or something, what you think? yay or nay? you wan't something hand made by mee? lool

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