Friday, 1 January 2010

Fave pics off my phone of 2009

NOTE: I have no fuckin clue why the text in this post fluctautes more then my friggin waistline but it's really annoying me. I ONLY WANTED LARGE TITLES!! DAMN YOU BLOGGER! >:[

Noo...none of me, sorry to disappoint lol but these are pictures that either made me laugh or happy and remind me of good times...many more to come :]

This is one of the kittens from mena's first litter. I came downstairs to find im trying on my trainers lol I thought he was piddling at first. I really miss this one, he was so adventurous and funny :[ That being said I can't for the LIFE of me remember his name :/ he was still my fave though...ah, and for the record...that exercise is in it's rightful place gathering dust inder the stairs. But now what with new years reolutions etc, I'll be taking it back out. I need to get in shape man.

These are from april, i meant to post them the day I took them. As you can see, hubby and I had been busy violating our walls.'d call it a violation...I just call it paint swatching :] It's no fun doing the usual boring patch...noughts and crosses is waaay better. Not sure why the wall in the first pic looks looks...greasy?!

I decided to take a random picture of the ground when i was on holiday. I have a thing for the countryside. There's something about thin drapey knits and the countryside that appeals to me on another level. As much as I like the city, my ultimate place of peace is the place I took this pic. I felt soo comfortable and happy when I was there...wanna go back :[ Chav free slice of heaven lol

I scored this in Zara for 2 euros!! I love retro prints, as soon as i saw this i was like yup...i shall take you hooome with me! The dog is so fracken cute man.

Lol...i think it liked me :S I looked down and saw a random grain of barley (or wheat...wotevz) shtuck to my shoe. Another reason why I like country...if the locals don't like you, the wheat will!

Possibly one of the most beatiful cats i've ever seen. This one and her brother were strays that we managed to get a hold of and look after for a couple of days. This was also a holiday snap. They were so scared but sooo hungry at the same time. We left food out but it would take them ages to build up the courage to walk towards it and if you made the teeniest sound, they'd scarper :[ so we eventually managed to get them inside, gave em loads of cuggles and made sure their bellies were filled. Is it just me or is there something very ladylike about this kitten?!


....Lucinda.... said...

Aww, cute!! haha, good girl for being so kind enough to look after the poor little thing and it's brother sis! very touching :) hehe, And gosh how i mish ya super so much! ilyilyilyilyilyiylilyilyilyilysfm!

Yours To Keep said...

I lo lo love your la la land! :)