Friday, 11 December 2009

EOTD : Lebanese stylee purple haze tutorial

This look is super easy, I didn't do a tutorial for it but I plan on doing one this week..maybe even two..or three lol I dunno

Anyhoo, I used some cheap products, some a little more pricey but either way as long as you have dupes or anything remotley should be able to pull it off :]

Ingredients :


Urban decay primer potion (if you don't have a primer, you can use a black eyeliner pencil as your base)


Urban decay e/s in Vapour
The hot pink from Beauty UK bright colours palette (Superdrugs..£2 something )
The pale pink from Beauty UK pastel clours palette (superdrugs also)
The dark purple shimmer pot from primark
Black from Collection 2000 colour intense trio in Eclipse


Barry M liquid eyeliner
Urban decay 24/7 glide-on eye pencil in Zero
Urban Decay Sky Scraper mascara in black


Any as long as they're natural looking, I used ardells..about 4 quid from superdrugs.

Method ;]

Prime your eyelids up to your brows and along the lower lash lines.
Pack on some black e/s with a flat brush and work up to just above the crease.
Using a blending brush, go over the black with the hot pink. You'll still be able to see the line from where the black ends so BLEND WELL from side to side up towards your brow bone...but don't go too far up otherwise you'll look stupid.

Once you've finished blending that, use the purple shimmer pot on the actual lid, then with a clean blending brush (it helps to have 2) blend it gently into the pink just above the crease. You still want to have a little colour difference.

Use the soft pastel pink on the inner third of your eyelid, sweeping out gently with your blending shouldn't show up too much, just a subtle touch to highlight a little.

Then with vapour and an eyeliner brush, go over the inner corners of your eyes and with a clean blending brush, blend in and up just a little.

That's it for the eyeshadow part, if your shadow has too much of a strng outline, dust off off a blending brush and blend out the harshnessfrom side to side...until it looks kinda airbrushed.

Now, line you upper and lower waterlines with your eye pencil. Blend out the lower waterlines with a sponge brush and go over them with the dark purple shimmer pot...blend again :]

Create a nice cat eye with your liquid liner only on your upper eyelids and stick on your lashes. Once they've dried, go over the liner again to help conceal the falsie lash line :]

Now apply your mascara, blending your natural lashes into your falsies...and voila :] You're good to go.

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