Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Little life updates :]

ello me likkle readers :] i'm in a really good mood today...dunno why lol I thought i'd take a break from attacking the cooker to blabber a bit

I made a 'how to wax your brows' tutorial last week but my laptop is completely FECKED due to trying to delete a laod of random rubbish of it. The whole system got deleted instead so now it's pretty much just the carcass. Now I can't upload the pics :[ I'm using a notebook thingy now and my bluetooth wotsit is installing as I type so once that's finished i'll post the tut :D

What else...it's my bday very soon! woop woop!

Erm....my poor kitty katten Spike is really down in the dumps. We've had a certain neighbour complaining about him jumping throug her kitchen window and eating her fufu and rice :/ I somehow doubt that...highly. When she came over to rant about it, she made the point of saying she was scared to death of cats, yet in the country where she comes from...she's been surrounded by lions since birth...and a lion is a BIG feckin cat. Spike actually came home on two occasions with little cuts under his chin and I suspect that they came from her...but because there's no proof, I can't quite jump through her window myself to knock her into next tuesday. Unfortunately. But we've got our eyes on her. We have to keep little spikito indoors for now so he can get over the trauma, bless his socks.

OMG! My bluetooth installed! excuse me while I get cuttin n pasting ladies, brb with a tutorial :D


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lipgloss_babe91 said...

Why may i ask is this woman being such a crank 0_o gawd sum people have too much time on there hands. Its called having the window on a latch =/ bloody fool! I know where id like to stick that fufu and rice =]]]

=] you posted this just after id got out of a lecture in a uni about the art courses there lol =S kaay that was a confussing sentance. Anyways i dont even know where i wana go to uni now =[ I was so focused on London i forgot to consider other places... so i dono? On the up side where going to go see other uni's when they have there lil open days so hopefully *fingers crossed* Ill make a decision im completely sure of =]

Claire xXxXx