Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Life as Carmen lol


oooooo i love me some crumble with ice cream :] *licks cops* This is peach crumble, my hubby's fave. He likes it with custard but I have mine with Ice cream...anything to break out the walls m'dears. Altough I kinda prefer apple crumble...tastes better with ice cream.


I've been collecting like a granny on crack :D The first pic is a bunch I ordered off the net (cost a bomb, almost 50 quid *blush* ) and the bottom pic is my cheapo acrylics that I use for little ballet slippers and amigurumi's. It's too itchy to make anything wearable out of it :/ I'm thinking of making my own designs and selling the patterns, or doing commissions of some sort. Make a little pocket money to support my habit lol
I'm even deliberating on whether to teach you lot how to crochet but I don't know if anyone's interested...but if you are let me know...I promise it will only be cute and fun stuff..wearable or not ;]
(Gotta love those £2 Primark fleecy throws...I love that polka dot mess!)

STENCILLING! sort of.....

I picked these up when I went away this summer. I thought they were the ones that you scratch/rub onto the wall...only when I whipped em out yesterday, i realised they were....stickers :/ So now they have a plastic-y look that I'm not too fond of...I had to get the right angle with the flash otherwse it would have looked horrendous.
Can't wait to harrass Argos for a matching light dimmer lol

The thing stuck to my mirror is a little wahsing line with pegs danling off it that have the days of the week written on them in french...I thought it was a cute way to stay on top of my appointments lol They wouldn't stick anywhere else so unfortunately the mirror got it.

What with winter etc I thought i'd put some of my new yarn to use, I initially wanted a black or brown one but I didn't have the right sized hook to go with the yarn :[ So I used a khaki/white wool mix to keep me cozy...matches my bag too...sorta lol


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me your adult! The way you were talking about Eliza? Idc what any kid did on this site, you should be ashamed and stop making a blog about a kiddie site. pathetic much?

Wooldoor said...

Hey, who ever did this, thanks for backing up for me, but I think I am old enough to fight my own battles...