Thursday, 14 April 2011

Sister got happy go lucky with the lippy :/

So my little sis decided she wanted to play with my face and my makeup...she wanted to give me a joker smile lol and she managed to do some funky cleopatra eyeliner!

I haven't plucked for WEEKS lol trying a new shape yet again...currently it's a bit hobo chic.

Now i'm making her wipe it off, anything for some kind of facial massage lol


esteeem said...

loooooool! i actually lol'd at the joker lips haha!
where have you BEEN man?!? i bin sooo busy, got a new job, did a makeup course, been in and out of hospital for my cousins baby.. stressful times!
I thought you forgotted me, but you still there =D
I saw a post a while ago, je suis prettyful or something, i went to check it out but got confused.. whats that about?! *blonde moment* from what I made out, anyone can make a mini shop from the site? or something? :S lol

CarmenSays said...

Gaaah i've been here man, as hubby says 'it's political' or is it peak? and street slang ain't been in touch for a while.

I've just been at home making stuff and working my little busniess brain lol je suis prettyful, it's my little business! lol It's my handmade accessories etc I have too many ideas but I can't touch anymore funds until i've made some money back..long lol

woweeee yeah I read about your makeup course, well done bebeh!! And congrats on the new job :D is it makeup related? I wish you every success inshallah me ickle samosa lol

mashallah a new bab babz! Is he/she born yet? Or is it the last few stressful weeks? Send your cousin my congrats for me :)

Hope all's well at the frooti household! big hugs..big up yuself na mahn haha xxxxx

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I am definitely up for helping with the giveaway. Let me know what I can do to help!

Cerina said...

Haha nice makeup! ;) that's so sweet of you to let her do that though lol :)