Thursday, 10 March 2011

Rimmel exaggerate products

Hola meninas! I was in the chemist yesterday and I went over to the rimmel section for some liquid eyeliner as my sleek dip it has kicked the bucket *moment of silence* I also spotted some lip liners and picked out the exaggerate full colour lip liner definer *phew..mouthful* I picked Red Diva as I needed a nice red and Hell notes for beauty mentioned that my arabic lips would work well with red ;]

I'll post some reviews on these later, hope you're all well! Im in a super good mood becaue i've been applying for affiliate programs since last night and so far so good :D I've been accepted for quite a few already and it's got me thinking that I need to start doing reviews. I've always appreciated blogger reviews on products because I hate buying something, realising it's crap then googling it to find that nearl everyone and their grandma feels the same way. I could have spent the money on something else! So yeah, more reviews on my part.

I've been replying to some comments aswell, thanks you guys *gush* it makes my day! Back in a bit..I have cleaning to do *groan* lol



rakhshanda said...

They look great!!Waiting for the review:)

Ashi said...

ive been using this eye liner for about two years now = i haven't bought a different since!

Rohima said...

Hellooo lovely! :) I'm the same as Ashi, I've also used it for two years. I love that it sets matte but not in an annoying or dry looking way (i think glossy looks odd with my lashes) but I dont like how easily it smudges :-( I want to give my elf gel liner a go now, its been sitting in my drawer for months now!

Well dont on the affiliate programs! I wasnt sure what they were but with all the news company logos on the right I think I can guess lol xxx

Rohima said...

by the way NICE background!

BEE said...

I have used the eyeliner on and off for 5 years (that is a long time) and its great,the only competitor it has is MAC but you'd expect that for nearly double the price x