Monday, 7 March 2011


I've got milk spots lol I only had two when I was younger, one day I plucked up the courage to tweeze them off. Hurt like a bitch but I was free of them...until like 50 of em popped up a few months later. *headkeyboard* I haven't bothered since :/

I used my fave eyeshadow in ze vurld, UD Roach. I think I should start taking pictures really close to my eyeball, I always avoided it before because it just makes everything overly shimmery but today it wasn't too bad! Usually I take a pic of my face and screenshot the eyeballs but that makes it look really blurry.

Aaaaah I want a nap...I did like 10 mins of cardio today and thought 'nah'. I has no energy!


Kenzie said...

What exactally is a "milk spot"?! I am curious now haha.
Lovely eyes as always!

You should look into rebounding. I am not sure what kind of cardio you do, i assume treadmill, rebounding is a lot more fun!

Meinstern said...

Beautiful eye make up and your eye color....beautiful.

Arezu said...

I want to know too what a milk spot is! lmao

I swear you could wear dirt on your eyes and make it look good, this is stunning!

CarmenSays said...


hola bumblee tuna! thank you :D and tbh I never really knew until I posted this..I was like hold IS a milk spot? So I googled it and apparently they're little cysts... -_- ick. ew.

I was doing fitness DVD cardio :S *cringe* I know...I really need to get to a real gym lol i'll look into that, thanks! xxx


aww thanks so much! xx

@ Arezu

lol I just explained up thurr to kenzie...I had no dea they were little cysts! they're harmless that makes me feel better lol i have cysts on my face. nice lol

and thank you! I still have to try the mashed banana haha xxx