Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Lippy love and eotd disaster

Boots 17 lasting fix lipstick in hot chilli *swoon* It's a tad more orange in real life methinks

Reaally wanted to recreate the yellow look in rihanna's filthy new video but the yellow was too yellow and the green was just MEH. Have no clue why I put white eyeliner across the bottom..I wanted to make the green pop a bit more but I failed :[ dammit! I even did the wacky pink blush! I do love that yellow though (sleek circus) , it's not half as bright in real life but photographs really well. I've just washed everything off and i'm in a makeup mood so we'll see what else I can churn out :]


Wooldoor said...

That is amazing :) As you said, Redonkulous xD
Doll mail me on Stardoll btw, I need to talk to you about top secret shizness

QueenRani said...

LOVE the lip!!! Your eyeliner is so perfect! xoxo, rani

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Read this post and immediately emailed a friend I am doing a swap with. I need that lipstick!!!

CarmenSays said...


check your inbox woman! xx


aww thanks babe! xx


HAHAHA! out of my little collection of lippies it's pretty much my favourite, so bright and pigmented! You'll love it babe! xx

♥ Stacey ♥ said...

Wow, that lippie is bright! I love it though, just wish i was brave enough to wear those kinda colours, I've never even tried red lipstick! You have gorgeous eyes hun xx

Rohima said...

Well, hello!

Youre so stupidly lucky you can wear red lips, it looks gorgeous. Yes I'm jealous. how come my lips never look that luscious??? I'd look like a clown with yellow eyeshadow but you actually look good lol hmm

CarmenSays said...

@ stacey

tell me about it! I don't wear makeup outside the house though so anything goes for me lol you should slick something super bright on indoors and everytime you walk past a mirror admire how hot and un-clownlike you look haha and thank you :] you have a gorgeous smile! xx


wazaaaaaaahhh!!! where you been woman! haha! I do love a bit of red on the smackers lol