Saturday, 29 January 2011

My teeny weeny makeup collection

Sexxeh sabina (tee hee..sexxeh) revealed her makeup collection recently, something i've been dying to have a nosy at lol it.was.maHUUUssive :O

Mine lot is so puny lol i'm currently not in a position to spend money on things I might not get any use out of or on anything high end *sob* so yeah, here's my humble little collection!
It's not usually this organised, I let it get messy then when the OCD kicks in I'll sort it out.

This is where I store it all. My mum was given these boxes full of cakes etc as a gift last year and she knows I LOVE pretty boxes so she gave them to me :] love her.

The bigger box has my sleek palettes, blushes, concealer and face powders along with a few odd eyeshadows. I only have a few 'expensive' items in here, the rest is cheap and cheerful lol

This is where I keep my Urban Decay eyeshadows, primark dust dazzle thingie pots and a couple of MUA shadows.

I love how everything fits perfectly!

This is where I keep my lip stuff. Lipsticks, glosses, vaseline and a couple of randoms such as liquid liner and that crappola highlighter from e.l.f. I don't use my kabuki anymore so I shoved it in here.

That's pretty much it :] No foundation as almost all drug store ones I've tried are too pink for me and with my skin being a bit on the dodgy side i'm quite petrified of buying just anything to slather all over my face. I really need to go to MAC or something where I can get the right shade and have it put on me in the shop so throughout the day I can see if it's bad/good for my skin. Lazy cow lol I have some random titbits strewn around the bathroom but the majority of it is all in these boxes and yeh...that's it lol


LeahsLand said...

Hah! Think you've got a small makeup collection? Think again! Mines half that :P Okay so maybe around the same, but at least your is neat and pweeeetty!
Love these sorts of posts :)

Wooldoor said...

:O I cant even keep a book that neat! I get stains in it, and sometimes I don't even know how I get the stains in there :S

sabina said...

i love how it all fits so perfect

sexxeh sabina lol x

Dolce♥Bunny said...

Its organized so neatly! Especially the ones with i think are pigments in it? they fit so well and the boxes are lovely. your mom is so sweet ^---^

Cerina said...

Aww yours is cute!! I love those boxes too. My mom is like yours- she's always giving me little cute random boxes and velvet pouches and whatnot haha! You have quite a bit of the UD eyeshadows. :) lucky!

G A B Y said...

I actually think that's a lot of makeup! I don,t really see the point of having a makeup collection personaly, and I'm always giving aways to friends and family the stuff I don't use or don't like.