Friday, 28 January 2011

I'm a walking disaster

I told you i'd wax my mush, just wish I didn't have to take my skin off with it. This happens about 7 out of 10 times. Now I look like a certified crackhead lol maybe not to you lot because you can't see the frizzball on top of my head and the tomato sauce I cleverly dropped on my t-shirt *sighs* it's a good thing I'm anonymous, I'd have no followers if you saw what I look like on a regular basis lol

Getting in the shower, look coming next! xx


Ria said...

I did that too once.And then I switched to epilating cream.And then I left it on for 10 minutes.Because I got distracted with something else.You don't wanna know how that looked like.
Some lip balm on it (colorless) and concealer will cover the damage.

Sara said...

I so want to wax my lip fuzz! But I visions of it growing back ten times as thick, and the only moustache I can see looking good on me would be a Chaplin one.

That makes it all the more tempting..

Cerina said...

Awww :(
I waxed my sisters armpits today! Didn't go so!
Oh I got your package today! Thank you soooo much! ;)

La Cabrona said...

oh ya i did that once too! On my fricken VAG....ugh ppl like u and me should try "DIY" prjects lol

Sarah said...

Ohhhhhh, your poor mush! Did you do that to yourself or did someone inflict that on you??

Anonymous said...

Been there done that and it sucks. What color lipstick is that you have on?

CarmenSays said...


omg nooo! that had to hurt *wincewince* Whilst I hate how it looks now, i'm petrified that If I put concealer on it it will get worse. My skin has the tendency to do that. Too damn delicate xx


LOOOL ah you made my day xD it doesn't grow back too bad tbh but when it starts to get more noticeable I whip out the veet strips and attack. xx


ouch! I've never tried my armpits, too chicken and yay for packages! can't believe it took so long :/ xx

@ my ickle cabrona

hahaaaaaaaaa OOOOWW! how bad was it?!

@ sarah

haha i did it to myself! such a donut-head lol It's a good thing I have myself to blame, if i'd gone to a salon, paid for it and came home looking how I do now I'd be soo pissed off. A lip for a lip I say lol xx

@ anon

lol sucks indeed. I'm not wearing anything, it's my natural lip colour xx