Thursday, 13 January 2011


Malisha got me on a major brownies kick after I saw her yummy brownie cake lol I haven't made them for well over a year so I went out yesterday, picked up some chocolate and got stuck in.

I used this recipe and it's amazing :O I changed one thing, instead of using 250g normal white sugar, I used 100g white and 100g dark brown which works out to be quite sweet.

I had one problem though, my tin wasn't big enough the which meant middle hadn't set properly so I cut around the edges and put it back inside for another 10 minutes. It's cooling now but time will tell. The edge pieces came out sooo good. Not cakey at all, crackly on top and nice and firm with sticky centres omnomnom

Definitely making this again! I'm also desperate to make brownies with pecans in em *dribbles* peeeccaaaaannssss


*Zoe* said...

These look so good!
Zoe x

Sophia said...

Those look so freaking good, wheres mine?
lol, what are the things on top? it looks like white choccie xxx

Malisha said...


that looks soooo yummy.. and errrm where's my share of the brownies??

Malisha x

Safiyya said...

Arghh, it is 3 o clock in night now, and i want me some of that! Yumyum..

I am a new follower and i like ur writing loads, muah!