Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Aloha chicas

I've been nursing an inflated face! I used an old concealer (big mistake) last friday and when I woke up on saturday I looked like I got sucker punched in the face. There wasn't any bruising and my face wasn't overly swollen but my eyes looked creepily similar to Yoda's. Fat and puffy with deep ugly lines under em lol I looked a mess. My face is drier than the sahara and it's all flakey and peeling so I haven't played with my makeup for a bit. Just been nursing it back with almond oil rubs. I can't get my head around how sensitive my face has become in the past couple of years, I've always been on the sensitive side but not to these extremes. Is it dumb for me to wonder if it's anything to do with gaining weight? lol

How have you all been my pretties? Hope everyone's good! I've been knitting away and trying out a couple of new recipes, one is a meh the other is a omgaaah me likey!

*brain wonders* No scrap that, I looked like golum....*cue quick uncertain google image search* I can confirm that it was a mix of golum and yoda. Meh.


Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Girl I hope you get better soon. My skin all of 2010 was a hot sensitive mess. All of my trusted products were breaking me out. I have no clue I hope I have a better year as far asmy skin is concerned.

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

yikes that really sucks. do you use most products with chemicals in them? i wonder if all natural products would be better (but I really don't know it might make it worse). Hope you and your face feel better soon.