Thursday, 16 December 2010

Postage rant

I posted cerina's prize today (super late, god I suck). The postage for the US was despicable! I had two options, first class which was an abomination in terms of pricing and normal which at £5 less was still a bit of a disgrace. I didn't have enough money on me as nowhere in my mind did I think it would cost more than a tenner so I had to go for normal shipping. I know it's determined by weight, I think the package weighed about 1.7 kilos. It would have cost less if I stuffed it into one of those bubbly envelopes but I didn't like the idea of cramming everything in, it's untidy. Plus there were some fragile items so I used a box instead. I reckon the box made up for like a third of the overall weight lol okay maybe a quarter.

The point of my rant is, how the hell am I gonna afford to pay postage and still make profit when I'm selling my stuff? I see etsy/folksy sellers saying it costs £2.50 p&p, 50p extra per additional item...??? Do they use bubble envelopes? Boxes? Cuz I had my packaging planned out, i'm talking colour co-ordinating coloured boxes with tissue paper and ribbons inside the cardboard postage box. I don't wanna compromise the look of my pretty packaging because it costs too much! How do these ppl do it?! I know you can set up a special business account with royal mail, I really need to look into that.

oh, and cerina if you're reading, It was totally worth paying the ridonkulous postage price to send your prize, this rant is mainly about how i'm going to afford it when i'm trying to make money so please don't feel awkward or bad about this here rant!


esteeem said...

LoL!! I knoowww right??! Luckily my first giveaway was only a nail polish and a couple other bits and bobs, so I could fit it in a bubble envelope with some bubblewrap, but this ones gonna cost a bit more.. plus coz of the snow/cold weather conditions, royal mail is a complete and utter joke.. *sigh*

AestheticAnonymous said...

I'm sorry it costed you so much!! :O :(