Thursday, 9 December 2010


I did some retail therapy this week and bought a duffle coat from evans (will put in a pic later). There was only one left and it was in a size 20 (i'm a size 18) so i was annoyed but after walking up and down oxford street looking for a something that was warm, hooded and 3/4 length for 4 hours straight and not finding anything I thought, fuck it. I'm taking it.

Surprisingly enough it fit quite nicely :/ Good because I've got a new coat, bad because size 20 is a bit too much for me. I tell myself that it's all rubbish, that i'm no size 20 and that it's got the wrong label stitched into it. I don't look like a size 20...size 18 TOPS. I still have quite shapely arms aren't that flabby and no way in hell do I have bingo wings..could do with some sit ups...I'm straying from my point of discussion.

The point of this post was that Evans are supposed to be a fashionable source of clothing for us big girls but why the hell is it crammed with overpriced CRAP?!!

See for yourself.


£35 - found in the bestsellers section...for real?

£36 - I swear the only place this belongs is a £5 rack in bush market. The close up is proof enough.


See what I mean? It makes me wonder if these people think we can just go to the toilet and crap out a wad of 50's. I remember when £150 would get you waaay more than a coat, handbag and a pair of boots. Recession my left foot. It's bad enough people are struggling to hold a job have to pay £35 for a friggin top? And it's not just evans, nearly every shop I went into had ridonkulous prices for the poxiest of garments. Rant over.

Thanks for the lovely comments on my last post :] I noticed a couple of people girlies wanted to see my whole face/wonder what I look like lol to be blunt, it will never happen! Not on here anyway. There's only a couple of bloggers that have seen my face, I like being inconspicuous and I don't like the thought of being on road and people pointing me out etc no one needs to know what I look like but if I trust you enough I might flash you my face on msn ;]


IamFarsilla said...

carmen! those clothes make girls look more fat. urrrrgh!!! im gaining weight. 2 people approach me n said to me lol


FunnyFaceBeauty said...

welcome to my life.
i think buyers buy for style and don't consider what would flatter a plus sized body.
whats cool is not always what looks good on bigger women.

La Cabrona said...

ugh im so soorrrry i recently went shopping for my mother at torid because she wants to wear stylish clothes to, it pissed me off how pricey it was there to, $40 for a shirt that was "on-sale" wtf??