Sunday, 19 December 2010

Ear Candy - Slow jam central

I love it when I go on youtube and one song leads to another lol Today I was listening to loads of slow jams from when me and el husbando first started 'courting' haha

^ Such a big tune, I remember back in the day listening to the slow down zone on choice and this always came on.


Ashi said...

ahhhh jagged edge walk outta heaven; i was 16 years old, doing my gcse's, spending time with amazing friends. no care in the world...happy days <3

Wooldoor said...

You missed one goofy :) Underneath your Clothes by shakira

La Cabrona said...

I love me some soul jamz time... its funny u wrote this i have been listening to Jaheim's song "Put that Woman First" bt i love walked out of heaven to...oh and "Meet me at the altar in your white dress"

esteeem said...

ahhh memoriesssss!! latif was the ONE, what happened to him?! ahh so many memories :')

Ahaha as for the husband situation, we carried on the fight the next night, I finished with the upper hand, but only after i was made into a human snow(wo)man! I actually slipped in the snow coz of it loooool hilarious!
I finished with a quick snowball that hit the back of his head and went down his back.. OH YEA!!

haha it aint over though.. he cant take defeat ;)

oh and thanks for the crimbo look comment =D