Saturday, 6 November 2010

LOL hubby cusses me yet again

Conversational went as such....

me : So what do you want with it then?! Mashed potatoes?? rice??

husbando : Nah man...can't be dealing with mashed potato...

me: Ooof! What is it with you?! Your taste in food is soo...un-advanced! (I realise that isn't strictly a word)

husbando : *eyes pop out of head and points to my pot belly* Yeeaaaah luv...and your taste in food is OVER advanced!

*cue slaps, punches, laughter*

me: Nah but for real...your taste buds ARE unadvanced though...

husbando : *stares at my belly again* Yeah and yours are OVERADVANCED!!! Now go make me some food!! *cackles*

How could I set myself up to fall again like that?! I'm off to make some food lol


Rohima said...

hahaha lol awww i love that! Very sweet x

esteeem said...

looool north african?
can only be, with that kind of humour LoL xxx