Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Early starts, healthy changes and wedding ring drama

This morning I woke up at 8am after having 2 hours sleep *grumpy face* I had an early appointment and after that I went to mumzie and I's favourite cafe. It's not a big branch or anything but a small little coffee shop that we always go to when we're in the area. I had a latte and a almond cinnamon bun thing. I don't know about you but I can't stand coffee shop coffee. It's the god awful bitterness in my throat and how flippin hot they serve it to you! I CANNOT do hot food. I can't taste the flavours when food is hot, it has to be warm or cold. See how I drift off topic? lol anyway, I have coffee on a rare occasion and today for some reason I felt like a latte. So I got one, regretted it and forced myself to finish it off.

After that I went to Holland and Barrett as they have a 'buy one get one half price' promotion going on. I'm planning on starting this healthy 15 day diet thing tomorrow and I wanted to get some soya lecithin to help me on my way to dropping a few KG's. I haven't have my cholesterol checked since january and it was normal. Never had a problem with it before, but the bigger i'm allowing myself to get (i'm not even a big eater, I just eat too much no energy so i'm constantly filling myself with sugar) the higher my cholesterol is probably getting.

I got some vitamins for bones, I have clicky knees and the bones in my lower back get a bit gay sometimes so that should help a little. God I can't wait to get slim again and not feel like an old lady! Last thing I got was some nice herbal teas :] I liked the sound of sleap easy infusion as i'm such a night owl. I'll do a review on that at some point. I also looove the packaging!

Now for my wedding ring drama. I'm so damn overweight I can't get my wedding ring off!! GUTTED. Hubby says I either sign up to the gym and drop a couple pounds (understatement lol) before I wake up to a gangrenous finger OR I get the ring cut off. No way. That's my wedding only get one and there's no chance in HELL i'm chopping it. It even has an sweet inscription on the inside, I can't bring myself to destroy it! It's a solid thing aswell. This is my exact wedding ring,

I cant imagine it being an easy process to cut through something so thick and solid without hurting my finger in the process, thus ending up with my foot upside the jewellers head.

Anyhoo, I have a pile of washing with my name on it and cats to feed. I'll post about my kitty kattens later :D


esteeem said...

=O u have cats??? I wanttt one so bad but hubby says its cruel to leave a cat indoors (seeing as we live on a 3rd floor).

I know I shouldnt laugh but looool that wedding ring story is funny!! you should really come to my nutrition sessions I'm doing.. we took weight, height, BMI, blood pressure, body fat% in the first week, then after all the sessions, we see if any have lost weight. By we I mean me & my uni friend who's helping me, but yesterday we had a cooking session, making healthy breakfasts - yogurt & fruit & muesli pots (which everyone loved!) and wholemeal pancakes.. with fruit or honey. obv when Im at home with hubby I prefer nutella on my pancakes but hey, its healthy eating sessions lol.

Not sure about this soya lecithin thing though.. just do more exercise, crash diets or diet pills aint too good for you :S

This workout is soo good, bit boring and repetitive, but if you follow it properly, you actually get out of breath & sweaty.. plus its not that bad, bellydancing!

or theres a samba/bellydance you can do for free (but it'll get you hella sweaty!)

lemme know if you try! gyms are more daunting tbh so I prefer at home stuff, but if you go good for u!! =D


Freya said...

I use Clipper Sleep Easy. I love it. It tastes so nice and helps me sleep. Let me know if it works for you:)


Hardcore Makeup Junkie said...

Hello Lovely!

I'm hosting my first GIVEAWAY! If you're interested, feel free to check out my blog for more details. Good luck! :)



Anonymous said...

Have you tried using butter lol?

How does someone lose weight off their FINGERS?? x

AestheticAnonymous said...

Drink TONS of water! It'll act diuretic and release all of the excess salt which can cause puffiness and excess bloat. Good luck! :D