Sunday, 7 November 2010

About the giveaway...

Please don't forget to answer the cupcake question if you want to enter :]

Also, if you want two entries remember to blog about this giveaway. If you want three entries, you have to blog about it AND stick the link in your sidebar!

One more thing...when you leave your comment, aside from answering the question, tell me how many entries you want and if you've done what's necessary to have them!

thank you for all the compliments of my little crafties my lovelies! But if you must shower me with such wonderful it in this post! haha I just wanna keep the actual giveaway post strictly entries...I have a big head but it's home to quite a little brain which has a tendency to muddle things up when overwhelmed with confusion :]

Thank yooouuu!


Sophie-Lou-J said...

aww carmen im so sorry i totally forgot about the cupcake answer :( x my fantasy cupcake would be hmmm.... toffee, syrup, white chocolate and blueberry mix :) x yummm!!! bit sweet but would be lushy! sorry this isnt in the entry comment i would feel unfair if i posted a new comment in your giveaway box :) x x
Sophie-lou x

Arabian eyes said...

hey smexy i want theeese they look so freakin cool i would enter but u no im half way across the world and i dnt even know my own address i dnt even think they have a postal system here proper fresh man PROPER!!

Aisha said...

hello my lovelyyyy, my comment wasn't an entry for the giveaway. i just wanted tell you that you're fabulous!!!