Sunday, 24 October 2010

Hola lovelies :]

Cor...haven't posted for a good few weeks now. Sorry bout that girls, just been on a different kind of vibe recently.

anyhoo, hope you're all doing well :] I've been down memory lane today listening to music from back in the day. When I think about when I was in school it feels like it was just yesterday, for instance...

This song reminds me of the Adidas trackies i got for my birthday (you know the had either black or navy blue with the zip at the bottom and everyone would turn the bottoms up once lol) and the gap gloves/scarves hat EVERYONE had haha the scarf had a lining around it in a contrasting colour and the gloves were them half mittens that flip back...ahh the old days.

Here's another...

I specifically remember being on the bus goin to school and one chick from the year above us got on and had this on her walkman (yeh..u heard..TAPE walkman lol) she was at the front (bus was pack out) with her friends singin along like she was hot shit lol *rolls eyes*

And who could solid haha

Who else had a 3210? This was my voicemail greeting lol astaghfirullah...Got this album from a friend on my birthday. There's a recording studio near my school that so solid used to record at and everyone would ring the buzzer after school harassing the staff and askin them to put so solid on the intercom :/ There was one girl that lived in south around the corner from some of the SS lot and she got constantly pestered for autographs lol

When I think of my secondary school days, I remember :

gold bamboo earrings
falling asleep in maths (My teacher looked like harry potter but no one pissed about with him, he was one that didn't muck about when it came to detention etc)
bunking lessons and hiding under the stage in the main hall (in all fairness, I wasn't a complete rebel up until I reached yr 10)
the fights in the park after school, police always being outside the school gates
just do it bags (small) and nike drawstring bags
tights with the square patterns
slick brushes
putting cocoa butter in your vaseline tin
causing havoc on buses on the way to school (I can't remember the amount of times the drivers would actually stop and wouldn't drive any further unless we got off :S )
The little £1 lip glosses we'd but from the pharmacy after school
Black Reebok workouts and all black nike air max 90's in place of school shoes
Tiny fat school tie
Pasta bake for lunch
People always robbing the vending machines to the point where they were taken away
Bunking lessons to go to mac D's
Taking extra long to walk home because we's stop into every shop on the way (My dad would always be suuupeer angry with me for not being home early :S i'd give the excuse that I was at after school club...I couldn't say I was wandering around clothes shops instead of doing my homework :/ sowwy pops)
Buying the BEST chips and hot wings on the way back from school..aaah the onion vinegar. I'd use so much it would leak out of the bottom of the box lol

you got any school memories to share with me?? :]

huggles xxx


Hannah said...

I bought that Artful Dodger album, wooooo! :)

I remember my friend Ben who hated our German teacher spat in her fruit tea on the last day. Shouldn't laugh sould I? ♥

sabina said...

hahaha this post is funny.
i have the memories xx

CarmenSays said...


LOL similar story, a friend of mine spat in our P.E teacher's tea when we were helping out once on parent's evening xD

She even had the cheek to ask her if she enjoyed it and the clueless woman said yes,it was lovely thank you.. :S



lol ahhh the memories xx

esteeem said...

ahhhhh memoriessssss!! i need to get that artful dodger track on my phone right noww.. already got So Solid, was a soliddd fan!

welcome back btw, was wondering what the hell happened to you!


AestheticAnonymous said...

Lol I love flashbacks!
Is secondary school middle school or high school? (sorry I'm American lol)
Well I remember when I first started going to school I would always try to hold my older sissies hand and she would always pull away because she was "a cool 3rd grader" lol!
I also remember how in kindergarten my friend and I stole 50 cents and felt super guilty about it lol! I came home crying :( ahh childhood innocence :)