Thursday, 9 September 2010


I got bored...can't sleep...gah!

Can't wait to buy some falsies this weekend...eotd's just aren't the same without them *sniffle*

I used a few different brands, here's the breakdown...

Yellow from Sleek circus palette (I swear they made this with get's EVERYWHERE and stains)
17 eyeshadow in green glimmer
Urban Decay Mildew *sings* Loooooove!
Urban Decay Vapour
Collection 2000 (black)
No 7 Exceptional definitio mascara
Revlon Rich sable fer me messy brows...I think I might shave them off...maybe a number one...with a fade...and a border...haha xD
Throw them together and tada! Mildew banana baby :]


Curves ahead makeup said...

awesome look love the green and yellow !!!

omg I love your song !!!

liloo said...

Love this look ;)this is gorgeous :)
this is sunny and makes me think about the summer time :)

Anonymous said...

You have really beautiful eyes!

Monoi said...

I love your eyes! :)
Great look

leah☮ said...

bringing you fashion, in a cup :)

mrs. halimah. said...

beautiful! i'm gonna learn to blend like this.

and thanks for stopping by and showing blog love. i've been m.i.a. on an unofficial vacation from blogging but i'm catching up.:)

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous!

CarmenSays said...

@ curves ahead

thank you! I know, i'm in love with girl in a coma. This song is amazing :] xx

@ Liloo

thanks hanouna! I'm lovin the circus palette right now, so many little time lol xx


thank you! xx


Thanks babe! where have you been?! can't wait to see more of your fashionista posts :] xx

@ Mrs halimah

thanks hunni! Can i expect some EOTD's from you any time soon?? haha you'll kick arse xx


thank you lovely :] xx

Fashion-rocks said...

This make-up look is perfect.
I love it!!