Monday, 6 September 2010

Didi wah, eddih di!!

Whenever I miss back home, I lurk on youtube and listen to rai as loud as my little laptop can handle :] Ramadan just isn't the same in england and neither will Eid be :[

This song is a classic, Didi by the king of rai cheb khaled. It's been covered so many times by singers from all over the world. It never fails to lift my mood and take away 'el wahch taai' I don't know how to translate that last part, there isn't a word I know of for el wahch so i'll just explain it as the feeling you get when you miss something, enjoy the song!


sabina said...
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sabina said...

omg i freaking love this song!!!
it reminds me of my childhood xxx

liloo said...

Yep it reminds me my childhood too XD
It was toooooooooooooooooo famous in France ;)
Hope you're doing well h'bibti ;)

....Lucinda.... said...

Aww, sis! Lol, today me and dad were talking bout babasido and i just started bursting into tears!! :( And then he came to hug and comfort mee.. lol.. anywayz, sent u a txt sayin EID MUBARIK!! ily xxx

CarmenSays said...


haha! it's such a classic, were you born here? xx


I can imagine! alhamdullah babe, i'm all good! you? xx


oi oi munchkin!!! haha xxx