Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Olaaa mulheres!

Yo ho ahoy gals, I haven't been on here much the past couple of days because my laptop is literally on the brink of death and i'm a drooley-snorey-bumz. I'm doing an all nighter, I have done 2 loads of washing thus far (whites and brights) and have another two to go (greys and blacks) and already started on dinner which won't be eaten until about 7ish but If I should somehow fall asleep the last thing I want to do when I wake up is all the extra peeling and seasoning. So i've done that all now, all I need to do later is switch on the cooker and wait. Bliss

Now i'm going to watch frasier, eat my lunch (croquettes, baked beans and fried egg wooooop) and doze off in about an hour from now. I really wanted to play with my makeup but i'm sleepy.

And thank you for all the lovely comments on my iPod sock! I'm so glad you liked it :] I'm getting closer to opening my little shop of horrors/crafts so I'm super excited, I might even send out some freebies for review purposes ;]

Be back later! toodles and smooches, C xXx oOo


liloo said...

we are waiting for you ;)

the Treat in treating yourself said...

awesome blog really enjoyed it especially the dentist story i know that feeling way to well,lolol oh and I love that band =)