Friday, 27 August 2010

Eyelash curlers?

Never used em :/ They intimidate me. But i'm desperate to get some now. My eyelashes aren't poker straight, they're curled but they swoop low which annoys the frigg out of me as no mascara will lift them. Getting into the roots doesn't make a difference either.

I have some boots vouchers for No 7 and ruby and millie, the latter have eyelash curlers which i'm thinking of getting some time soon. The question is, what eyelash curlers do you use and which would you recommend? I could just google this but I prefer you guys opinions :] Thanks girlies xx


liloo said...

everybody talk about the ShuUmuera one, which seems to be THE eye lashes curler, the best of the best as Shu Umuera is the lashes specialist.
In France is around the 30 something Euros.
I'm using a basic eyelashes curler from my drugstore and it's 1£ ( at Primark is 1£ as well), and it work pretty well.
Try to taste is in a Shu Umuera shop ;), and let's see the difference?


Dolce♥Bunny said...

I've been using Anna Sui for many years already and I absolutely love it! plus, it looks really pretty :)

Anonymous said...

Tweezerman is the best I've tried! Its around £10-£14. Heard good things about Shu umuera too but have never owned a pair...

Superdrug do a good pair too - its the bronze one in clear plastic packaging... I think that costs around a fiver.

I used to be scared as well, but really theyre not half as scary as they look..! x

madmadeleine said...

The important thing to remember with any eyelash curler is your technique. Some people do one hard squeeze. That is wrong. You want to take care positioning the curler and make sure your eyelashes are clean. No mascara! This keeps your curler clean and prevents your eyelashes sticking to the lash curler and getting pulled out. Make sure your eyelash curler is clean and think of using 3 positions to gently bend your eyelashes upwards. First position your curler as close to the roots of your lashes, but not so close as to catch any skin. Gently squeeze and be careful not to pull at the same time. Then let the curler move slightly more towards the tips of your lashes and gently squeeze again. Repeat this one more time, with a very gentle squeeze towards the tips of your lashes. This last squeeze probably will only curl your longest lashes. This technique should produce softly curved upwards lashes. Too hard a squeeze creates an L shape and should be avoided. With a little practice, you will find this is an easy part of your beauty routine. Once you are done, apply mascara to help "set" your work.

Arabian eyes said...

the mister mascara black and red ones from boots seem to do the trick for me i swear by them lol they come with a million refills ok thats a lie but they come with about 5 lol

Miss*Kimmy said...

Most girls look great with curlers, but they don't suit my eyes at all .. they acutally make my eyelashes look shorter!

Luna said...

I got mine from boots but some of my friends got their's from the pound shop... which I was surprised as I didn't know the pound shop did such things lol... but I suppose you can get everything now days... but yeah its the same really.... I'll tell u a trick I do... I warm my curler with my hair dryer before I use it... make sure its not burning hot obviously... don't want u burning ur eyes now do we, but fairly warm... you'll notice that they'll hold for even longer... :)

oh and as for mascara I use the new millionise mascara and I <3 it!!!! before that I used Maybelline Colossal (yellow bottle) which was really good too... :)

Jess said...

My eyelashes are short and straight... UGH :(

SquishyAbs said...

Most curlers do the same...I've had my Revlon one for years now. Just don't get the funky little wet & wild one, it made me bleed! Eyelash curlers are such a must!

☮My☮Socks☮Never☮Match☮ said...


CarmenSays said...

@ Liloo

£30 euros?!! *cue cardiac arrest* Primark doesn't sound too bad right now haha i was there this weekend and I couldn't find any :[ thanks for you advice babe!!! xx

@ dolce bunny

firstly, i love your name lol secondly, I looked them up and they sound prety good. The price isn't so bad either at £12.50 :] thanks for the tip :D xx


thanks for your suggestions babe! I looked at a few in superdrugs but i was in such a stinkin rush I didn't look properly :/ meh. i've heard so many good things about tweezerman tweezers so i'll defo look into the curlers :D thanks again! xx

@ mad madeleine

wow lady, thanks so much for that! who need youtube gurus after that explanation lol thank you xx

@ arabian eyes

haha, thanks for the tip my lovely! I'm such a prat, i walked past boots on saturday and completely forgot to have a butchers *headdesk* lol xx

@miss kimmy

really?!......crap on a stick. I sincerely hope that doesn't happen to me lol I tink i've told you before but you have gorgeous dolly eyes! xx


thanks for the tip babe! I've yet to try the yellow maybelline mascara yet but i'm loving No7 exceptional definition! xx


aww lol do u use curlers? xx

@ squishy abs

made you bleed?! shit...see this is why they intimidate me! xx

@ my socks never match

lol i'm loving your name! which brand did she buy you if you don't mind me being a nosy parker? lol xx