Sunday, 8 August 2010

Boots haul

I basically paid £4.49 for the facial wash and got the mask/wash for 51 p :D I've been wanting this since I saw the advert. I don't really have a spot problem but recently random little buggers have been popping up here and there, and unfortunately for me I scar easily so i'm left with these light brown marks all over my face which drives me loopy. Hopefully this and the mask help with that.

The grapefruit facial wash smells soooo good...

I needed an acetone free nail polish remover big time. The bottom of my last bottle popped and i've been using a crap one which has destroyed the top of my nails and leaves those bumpy scratches on them. Love johnson's cotton buds :]

The deodorant was on offer for a quid!

I lost my last angle brush and my brows have never been the same. It was a celia birtwell that I got from boots and I was hoping to find another one but they were all out, so this better work the way I want it to! It's not flimsy which is good and has a rubber grip, just wish it was longer...I like my makeup brushes long, they just seem to work better for me that way, more control.

So that's it :] I have a couple of tags to post later, my 8 questions from my hunnybunny Nada aka arabian eyes, just having a hard time thinking up 8 questions for my tag-ees, my mind is blankerooo lol


Leah ♥ said...

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You dont understand how much it would mean to me! I'd love it if you would :]

scouselovesmakeup said...

Oooh let me know how the Neutrogena works out for you?! I just invested in some Mint Julep which is supposedly superb for blemishes! <3
Much amore

Sophie-Lou-J said...

great haul x the grapefruit one looks good x let me know aswell if it works for you as im not spotty but i get the odd one or two aswell on my chin n cheeck so i scare myself everytime by picking then silly me ,arghhhh!
x Sophie-lou x

Shahirah Elaiza said...

The pink grapefruit facial wash sounds yummy =) Tell us if the products work well!

Anastacia said...

Nice haul! The brush looks very good!

scouselovesmakeup said...

Did you get my email huni?! <3 xxx

Anonymous said...

I have just awarded you with a blog award.
Please visit my blog and check it out.
Thank You :)

liloo said...

Slm alkm wr wb H'bibti, jzk for your sweet message, ramadan kareem ;)