Saturday, 12 June 2010

Tut's not good to be bitter nancypants

So nancy ajram is on the official arabic version of 'waving flag'. Apparently when algeria knocked egypt out of qualifying for the world cup, nancy and a few other lebanese, egyptian and arabic celebs in general were slagging us off. Maybe that's why the algerian flag isn't featured in the video...funny how egypt's flag is in there considering they're not even participating *rolls eyes* haters will hate.


MissNada2010 said...

urghhh. Nancy Ajram irritatesme sooo much. Cannot stand her!!
I agree haters will hate. Lol :)

CarmenSays said...


lol have u seen the state of her face recently?!

btw, cute blog but I can't post a comment and you don't have the followers section....sort it out luv! ;P