Friday, 18 June 2010


As a muslim, backbiting is forbidden so to get my message across, I won't do that. I'll just point out a few things instead.

Dear all hijabi fashion and makeup bloggers,

Your hijab isn't a flipping joke. We all have flaws, one of mine is swearing (staghfirullah I could swear a chav/pikey/whatever into next week) but it seems like certain sisters feel that by wrapping a cloth around their heads, they need to over accessorise/accentuate the rest of their features in a desperate bid for attention. And while many many say 'ew, I'm not looking for attention, I wear a MAC store on my face because it makes me feel good about myself!' well if that's really the case you'd be able to do it at home behind closed doors. What? Surely you can feel good about yourself at home where it's halal for you to trowel it on? you could skip around your kitchen naked with a cat on your head for all you want. If you go out with a full face of slap on, trust me, you're going to get attention....and you're going to love it. Because if you didn't, you wouldn't leave the house looking like that.

point 1: Since when was it halal for a hijabi to leave the house in jeggings and a tunic that reaches mid thigh?? You may as well wear a belly top.

point 2: I don't see the harm in posting FOTD's/OOTD's/EOTD'S online. If you're married, obviously you're gonna check with the husband first, he may not want your complete face splashed over the worldwide net. But just because you're not married, that doesn't mean you have to pout and squint at the camera like you're trying to make a baby with it. It's not cool for hijabi's to look like porn stars with scarves on. Don't cheapen your image.

point 3: It is NOT COOL to post pictures of you wearing hijab and then post the 'before hijab' pics inbetween posts. *HEADDESK* It beggars belief. just because the pictures were before hijab, doesnt make it acceptable. You've just exposed yourself on the internet to many a man, and it's not HALAL for these men to see your hair. Surely that must have popped into your head before you began wearing hijab?
Honestly, you might aswell whip it off for future posts and be done with it. You can't blame a girl for thinking that you want people to see you without hijab and comment stoopid shit like 'omg how gawjuss yuh luk wivout dat scarf ting on your head! why dun yuh juss take it off??!" and then you reply some dumb shit like 'awww fank yooh hunni! but naww, omg i look so ugly in dat piktchuh!' And it goes on. . .and on. . . and on. . .


point 4: So so sooo annoying when sisters wrap layer upon layer of scarf onto their chin and around their cheeks where they dont really need it, but leave the fringe out or expose the top of their noggins.

point 5: tight doesn't equal hijab. If we can still make out what cup size you are, you've got it wrong.

point 6: Stilettos. I own a few pairs myself but I don't nip down the co-op in them. we all know shag-me-shoes are sexy as heck, hence it's not hijab wear. Not saying heels are haram, I don't know to be honest, I haven't searched it up. But it's common sense that provocative dominatrix shoes aren't hijab friendly. But If you feel comfortable sitting at the bus stop with strange men leering at you in your hijab and your fuck me shoes, that's your business.

people, this isn't some religious crusade. I believe in my religion, I wear my hijab but I have my own personality and flaws just like everyone else. I'm not a fanatic, I cuss, i listen to music, I miss prayers and this post may be extremely hypocritical but it's something that majorly bugs me.

If you're going to make a mockery of your hijab, don't wear it. Obviously a person personality can't change over night, the emotional aspect of hijab is something you'll blossom into, but wearing physical hijab is a step in the right direction, so DO IT properly. But if you're gonna disrespect it, simply do NOT wear it. I'm sure god will understand your intentions.

Now i'm wondering why I bothered writing this lol am I wrong? should I even be picking on this subject even though I have flaws of my own? I'd like to know everyones opinions and also the first things that come to mind when you see this kind of thing.


Shasharishi said...

freakin heck sis! Do you feel better now u got that of ur chest? :D

CarmenSays said...

I do indeed!! lol

Zuhra said...

hahah hilarious, but so true! i could pick on other hijabis all day, but i confess that i've broken the 'rules' before too. but i'm guessing for some it's just better to have it on their head than not have it at all?

Anonymous said...

''shag me shoes'' hahahaha I LOVE that. So true though sis and you put the points across. thank you for that =]

.hopeful. said...

Hmm..this is an interesting post. I'm not perfect myself and though I do agree with some of your points, I am not sure it is good to say "don't wear it at all." After all, Allah has prescribed the hijab for us, so saying that if you can't do it right, don't do it, is not the right attitude. Many people, including myself, make lots of mistakes during prayer, their mind wanders, they don't have khushoo, but should we say, "If you can't pray right, don't do it at all?" Who are we to un-prescribe a command that allah has prescribed for us? Don't get me wrong, you make excellent points and I agree with them. You have also stated your own faults so it's not liek you have it know-it-all attitude, but just wanted to share my honest opinion. Great post though. Your honesty is refreshing. May Allah swt lead us all to the right path and accept our deeds. Ameen!

I look forward to reading more.

Sophia Brivati said...

Loved this post!
I'm not a Muslim, but I come from an area where 90% of the population are muslim, and half of them do exactly what you stated in your post! I loved the bit about the Before and after hijab pictures, its so true!

CecĂ­lia said...

you said you wanted opinions,so here's mine:
i respect your religion,but to me it just seems silly how you're only focusing on the dress rules. im not muslim, but i think that in any religion, the most important thing isn't the clothing, its how you are inside, and if you live up to the values of your religion!

Sorry if anyone feels offended that is NOT my intention.although i myself am athean, i still respect all religions.

Bury Me In Velvet said...

Cecilia your taking it wrong.

to wear the hijab basically means your covering yourself out of respect for yourself, your husband, your family and god. the reason that Carmen is mentioning the dress code is because you are defeating the purpose of wearing a hijab by flashing off the rest of your body.

just because muslim girls cover their hair doesnt mean they can dress like they are going to a club in skin tight clothing. by wearing a hijab you are meant to be keeping yourself private in a way.

theres nothing wrong with dressing 'normal' but i'm guessing that Carmen is talking directly about the girls who purposely make themselves look 'easy and a tad skanky'. like i said before, they can dress 'normal' just dont disrespect the intention of a hijab by dressing in inappropriate clothing.

i agree with youuuuuuu Carmen. this is an extreme example but one night i was out at this Lebanese cafe where you can smoke shisha, do the dabke etc and there was this girl in a hijab, DRUNK off her nut in A MINISKIRT and a top with her clevage showing. her skirt was so short than when she jumped on a random guy walking past while screaming 'omggggggg its my birthhhdaaayy come upstairs and drink with meeee' i actually seen her ass due to the gstring she was wearing.

the area im from, 3/4 of the girls wearing hijabs are wearing skin tight jeans, push up bras and more makeup than a drag queen. they make me sick when they do that and all my cousins (on my Turkish and Lebo side) are like 'They're sluts.' simple.

yuck yuck yuck. it just makes me maddddddddd. why wear a hijab if you are going to dress like a skank just because your at your local mall?

there are so many amazing items of clothing that women in hijabs can wear. the girls are just immature.

Anonymous said...

Finally, someone says something. By wearing it that way your making a mockery out of it. Wich is why u should: wear it right, or don't wear it at all. Cause god might punish you MORE when you are wearing it in a wrong way, then if you weren't wearing it at all, because wearing it a wrong way is like making fun of it.

Anonymous said...

hi, I agree, what I have noticed nowadays is that girls in hijabs are accessorising their scarfs, they say it's for themselves but hello what's the point of wearing a scarf-to be modest and not to attract attention in others who may see you in a sexual manner, but by over accessoring your drawing attention to yourself, so why wear a scarf at all if your gonna wear it like that. It bugs me to see it happening and the worse thing is more and more girls are doing it. I don't wear a scarf myself but I don't wear makeup or tight fitting clothes or heals. It annoys me that certain people wear scarfs but over accesorise or wear loads of makeup and indecent clothes like you guys have said above. The annoying thing is I have cousins who do that, and my parents probably think ooo wouldn't it be nice if our daughter would wear a scarf too, but atleast I don't do what they do wearing a scarf! It's a mockery to what its for. And the worse thing is all these muslim girls think its ok to sheesha, It looks indecent and disgusting and girls in scarfs do it, I don't wear a scarf but don't sheesha.

Anonymous said...

i completely agree wid u sis...pls all mah sisters understand wht she is saying its not that we are judging u or something its just we cant c our sisters doing wrong agn n agn...wen i personally ask ny of mah frnd to wear the hijab properly dey say meh nobody is perfect dis that nd much more..ofcourse no body is perfect but pls understand and respect the value of being a muslimah..respect your hijab girls its high time..i pray may Allah SWT give all mah sisters hidayat to understand and respect what others are trying to say not just questioning them again instd understanding what are v trying to say...Follow or dont follow that's upto you but its our job to show our sisters right path v cant change the world but a lil advice from our beloved sister surely vl make a difference inshaAllah :)

Tiffany Hoskins said...

I think we as brothers and sisters shouldn't judge the next. This may be there understanding or they just don't know. Me being a new convert. Id like for a sister to explain the proper way, if im wearing it wrong, and not have people talking about me