Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Yeh, it's pretty late for this lol so this is what I was going to wear out today. I couldn't find my grey under top so I had to go with black which was a bit of a harsh contrast :/

Don't ask why I look like an airplane...I wanted to show the shape of the top lol

Scarf close-up...Me likey damask :]

I love the huge pockets!

I got snapped too quickly lol I'm in LOVE with this cardi, wasn't planing on wearing it but took a pic just to show it to yous!

Scarf - H&M last year
Black stretch top - somewhere in portugal, forgot the name :S
Top/tunic - Primark (fiver, SCOOOORE!)
Blue skinnies - Primark, £8
Cardigan - Primark, on sale for a fiver

So there we have it, my first ever OOTD :] I was pretty nervous about putting it up as I've never exposed myself like this before lol But I thought hmm, no one can see my face, i'm not dressed provocatively, so why not? I love hijabi fashion and hijab fashion blogs so why not get a little involved and do my own thing?! Hope you liked, possibly the first of many :]


Anonymous said...

Loving your OOTD!

CarmenSays said...

Thank you!! xx

zahra said...

great outfit! i love the splash of colour and that scarf!!

CarmenSays said...

Thanks zahra! xx

Wooldoor said...

alll aboard flight carmen xD