Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Good mood!

Do ever have days when you wake up in an amazing mood? Course you do, i'm having one now! Algeria are playing in like 20 mins, my hubby is on his way back home with incha'allah a cheese pasty in tow and we'll be spending the day cuddling, cheering and screaming all through the match. I also have aerobics later, woohoo!

Why am I excited about finally setting up a morning face care regime of exfoliating? why am i exited about doing the ironing? Why am I excited about squeezing my fatty bits into my swimming costume and playing with water weights? I have no clue, i'm just in such a good mood alhamdullilah!!

this post was very random and very...i dunno...probably annoying lol but I have so much energy today i needed to blabber or someting otherwise i'll explode. I squeal when i'm happy.

also, thank you to all my new followers!! And thanks for commenting guys, I love reading comments, puts a huuuge smile on my face! Big hugs to all!

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