Friday, 25 June 2010

Cleaning in stilettos...don't do it...EVER

Just a super quick post whilst I clean, I tried an experiment today...never again. I have stilettos but I never get enough wear out of them because I don't use them for everyday use, so for no particular reason at all other than to possibly feel like the ultimate pin up 40's housewife (albeit in my shrunken primark pyjamas and my sweaty mess of a mane tied up in a crummy elastic band) I thought it would be a good idea to do my chores in em.

I cannot begin to describe the many ways I cheated death doing the washing up. It sounds impossible because you stand still when your cleaning the dishes, but this little fatty couldn't balance on her toothpick heels :/ not cool.

I think i'll stick to looking at them until I need them for a real cause. I'll be back on soon so I can reply to some comments and tell you about an RMK eyeshadow I got my from auntie (ahmaaaazing)



Taj Acosta said...

Very funny! I cooked in pumps once and it caused too much of a fuss around the house! I never lived it down. Great blog doll ;) xoxo

madmadeleine said...

This artwork is adorable.

The only reason to clean or cook dressed like this is to make your man very happy. Recommended if he is the kind of guy who will play along and you feel completely comfortable with how the game may go and where it will end up. ;)

CarmenSays said...

@Taj acosta

haha! so you got glammed up to whaaat?! I never understand why people make a such huge fuss over things like that, at least you made an effort lol thanks for commenting :] xx


*gasp* naughty lady lol I think the pjyamas totally killed the look and struck out the possibility of any 'games' ;] xx

magdalena said...

hey!i was thining of doing the same in order to get used to walking in high heels(I am quite good at that but the sidewalks here in athens are like death traps even for flat shoes!!!)!maybe i should take your advice!!!