Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Has anyone got this? Hannah waterman's body blitz.

My dad bought it for me last year, the workout is so brutal. I got palpitations just watching, that's how unfit I am!

Her and the trainers were going at it for a good long hour! If you don't have it and you wanna lose weight, I recommend it big time.

It's a lot easier to exercise when you're doing it in a group and having them on the screen doing it at the same time as you feels like your sorta in the gym with a personal trainer lol

Oh yeah, I lost 3 pounds! (dunno if i told you all) but lo and behold...i gained another 5 in their place :] fucking amazing.


Arabian eyes said...

haha ur comment made me laugh your so on my level i was gonna elbow drop him if i saw him but i like the drop kick better! your blog is awsome i love it its very entertaining! xxx

CarmenSays said...

haha i'm glad it did! so how's everything at work? are they really pissed off? and thank you for following! I love your blog too, you're amazing with makeup! will you still be blogging when you move to jordan? xxx