Friday, 8 January 2010

Retro crochet patch cushion

I made this originally as a gift for a family member but i didn't have any cute buttons or zips on hand to make the back. Thought i'd chance it and just sew the whole thing up....yeeeesh, not clever :/ It's now a spot-clean only cushion with a flippin seam mark on the back form where i had to finish off handstitching it!

Aside from that, I think it's cute. I love retro pieces...not a whole room full of them, but a few soft furnishings here and there never go amiss :] Hubby liked it very much so I suppose it's just as well we're keeping it lol

Originally you'd have to slip stitch the hexagons together but I honestly could NOT be arsed. I have a sewing machine so why not make the process a million times easier on myself and put it to good use.

5mins later...HAHA! I just uploaded the pics and realised in the last one you can see my bin, kleenex and dusting cloth under my dressing table lool Not the usual place you'd find a dusting cloth but i always have one near and usually just shove it under there.

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....Lucinda.... said...

Awesome sis! Very clever and a nice thing to do in yer spare time..